Fox News anchor pinned blames on Trump for chaotic presidential debate

Wallace pinned blames on Trump for interrupting presidential debate
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The Fox News anchor Chris Wallace, who hosted Tuesday’s debate, is pushing a significant amount of blames on Donald Trump (current President of the United States) for sending the political fight into chaos.

 Chris Wallace, who interviewed with The New York Times on Wednesday, denied to pin the blame on President Trump, described to Bill Hemmer (Wallace’s colleague) during the interview that he thinks President Trump bears the basic responsibility for what happened.

He added that he had baked this lovely, delicious cake, and then frankly, President Trump put his foot in it. Wallace continued that it was frustrating, and it was frustrating for him because he tried very hard to prepare for the serious kind of debate, much more frustrating and, more importantly, the people of America because they did not get the debate, they wanted that they deserved.

 Chris Wallace, who described that he wished to step in more seriously sooner, labeled the missed chance as a loss for the nation.

Wallace doesn’t want to revisit the debate

When Hemmer asked to revisit the debate, Chris Wallace replied that oh, God no, oh, God no, it was not something that he wants to revisit. He continued that look; it took four years of life to re-watch the Clinton-Trump debate from 2016, which he very much enjoyed, and still, it took four years to look, and this will take a while before he watches this is once again.

Fox News anchor pinned blames on Trump for chaotic presidential debate
Chris Wallace blames on Trump for interruption in debate,
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The Presidential Debates Commission explained that it was mulling structural variations to the remaining presidential debates after the widely criticized event of Tuesday.

On Thursday, someone close to the commission told a media company, CNN, that the organization has not ruled out anything. Moreover, when asked if the host is given the authority to cut off the microphone of any contender is on the table, the person answered that the commission is seeing everything. But Chris Wallace didn’t look agree on o that technique. He said that this is a pretty difficult place to put any moderator in.

President Donald Trump consistently interrupted Joe Biden (presumptive Democratic presidential nominee) and denied to follow the rules of the forum.

At some point, Chris tried to control President Trump and appealed him to follow the rules of the forum. Wallace said that he thinks that the nation would be better served if the forum permitted both sides to speak with a smaller number of interruptions.