President Trump rejected the New York Times report saying it is ‘totally made up’

President Trump rejected the New York Times report saying it is 'totally made up'
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President Donald Trump attacked by the New York Times report that described Trump paid no federal income taxes for around ten of the previous fifteen years, calling the report as fake news and auguring that he paid significant federal and state taxes.

 On Sunday, during a news press, less than an hour when the report published in the newspaper, President Trump said that it is fake news, and it is completely made up. He continued that everything was wrong, and they are so bad.

According to the report published by New York Times, President Trump, who has ferociously defended his tax filings and he is the only president in modern times who don’t make them public, paid 750 dollars in taxes to the federal govt. on the year when he got elected and 750 dollars on the year after in office.

New York Times described that the disclosure of tax comes from tax return data extending in two decades, and it arrived at a key moment before the first presidential speech on Tuesday and a divisive election.

President Donald Trump, whose alleged net worth to be in the billions, declined that he paid a little amount in taxes. Moreover, he said that he has paid a lot and even state income taxes too.

Trump declined the New York Times report saying it is 'totally made up'
President denied to disclose his tax filing,
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Trump criticized for not disclosing tax filing

Donald Trump was seriously lambasted for not showing his tax filing even before being opted for the White House in 2016. Furthermore, he said many times that he is under regular inspection by the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) and will disclose his tax filing once the audit is completed.

On Sunday, President Trump said that he is under audit, and they are doing an assessment.

Alan Garten, an attorney for the Trump Administration, also refused to the New York Times that Mr. President paid such a little money of taxes, describing in a declaration attained by Fox News that President Trump has paid millions of dollars of federal taxes, including paying millions of dollars in personal taxes since declaring his candidacy in 2015.

Garten said that the New York Times report is riddled with gross inaccuracies, and in the previous decade, President Trump has paid tens of millions of USD in personal taxes to the federal govt.