Brad Parscale, ex-campaign manager of Trump, threatened to harm himself

Brad Parscale, ex-campaign manager of Trump, threatened to harm himself
Brad Parscale, ex-campaign manager of Trump Ex-campaign manager of Trump, Source: Web

On Sunday, Brad Parscale (former campaign manager of President Trump) was shifted to a hospital in Florida by police when a brief but stressed stand-off in which he closed himself in his house with weapons and threatened to damage himself.

 Police said that they were moved to the house of Brad Parscale when Candice (his wife) called police, saying that she was anxious about her husband, who was desperate and held firea4rms in the housed.

Karen Dietrich, Fort Lauderdale Police Chief, told the Sun-Sentinel that they went out, and it was very short. He added that they went and got him help.

Dietrich continued that Brad Parscale was not threated police and voluntarily went law enforcement under the Baker Act of Florida (a law that permits police to keep anyone who they think is a risk to themselves or other people. Moreover, Brad Parscale was shifted to the local Florida hospital.

Dean Trantalis praised SWAT for handling the incident peacefully

Dean Trantalis said to the Sun-Sentinel that politics apart, this person obviously faces emotional distress, and I am happy that he did not do any harmful activity to himself or other people. Trantalis added that I praise our SWAT group for being able to negotiate a peaceful conclusion to this.

Ex-campaign manager of Trump threatened to harm himself
Brad Parscale threatened tp harm himself in the house,
Source: Web

In a statement, Deanna Greenlaw, Fort Lauderdale Police Sergeant, described that the police were called to the house near 4 pm. She added that police officers created contact with the person, made a bond, and securely negotiated for him to come out from home. She continued that the male caught without harm and shifted to Broward Health Medical Center under the Baker Act.

Trantalis described that Brad’s wife had contacted police to their home when her husband exposed signs of emotional distress. Furthermore, she said that Parscale had firearms in the home that he had threatened to use.

Dean Trantalis even commend the police team for reducing a tense and complicated situation and handling quickly to guarantee no one was harmed. After the incident got hyped, President Trump’s administration revealed a statement saying the campaign was ready to help him and his family in any possible way, while also pointing Democrats.

In a statement, Tim Murtaugh, Trump Campaign Communications Director, said that Brad is a member of their family, and they all love him, and they are ready to help him and his family in a possible way. Besides this, he added that the disgusting, personal assault from disgruntled RINOs and Democrats had gone too far, and they should felt shame for what they have done to this man and his family.