England reimposes lockdown as Italy announced some regions on red zones amid Coronavirus

England reimposes lockdown amid 2nd wave of Coronavirus
Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Source: Web

England, once again, came into a national lockdown when several other European countries have taken severe steps to counter an upsurge in Coronavirus cases and deaths all across Europe.

Until 2 of December, the restrictions will be implemented on bars, restaurants, and several other non-essential businesses. Moreover, England’s lockdown implemented days after when the same guidelines were enacted in Germany, France, and in several Italian areas as they labeled as red zones on Friday.

 On Wednesday, speaking before the parliamentary vote, which cleared the way for the novel lockdown, Boris Johnson (the United Kingdom Prime Minister) described that he had been opposed with data projecting that the United Kingdom’s NHS (National Health Service) could flop in the face of ramped-up demand because of Coronavirus.

Boris Johnson described that deaths in the 2nd wave of the coronavirus pandemic could potentially cross those records in the spring, with the number of COVID-19 cases in some medical centers already greater than at the extreme situation of the first wave.

I am not ready to take the risk of the British people’s lives – Prime Minister

He added that when he looks at what is happening at this time amongst some of their continental friends and observe medical experts who have confirmed COVID-19 being ordered, alas, to operate with Coronavirus wards, and infectants airlifted to medical centers in some other countries simply to create space. Johnson continued that he can reach only one conclusion that he is not ready to take the risk with the British people’s lives.

England reimposes lockdown as Italy announced some regions on red zones amid Coronavirus
England re-entered into national lockdown,
Source: Web

On Wednesday, the United Kingdom claimed its 2nd biggest daily surge in Coronavirus cases with the figure of 25,177 in just 24 hours. Furthermore, there were 492 further deaths, govt. data says, and the number of Coronavirus patients in the medical centers ramped up to 12,320.

The WHO (World Health Organization) said that it all happened when Europe touched a twenty-two percent in novel COVID-19 infections and a forty-three percent surge in deaths in 7 days to Tuesday, when compared with the earlier week.

Italy, the United Kingdom, and France reported their highest number of Coronavirus in that time, though Andorra, Belgium, and the Czech Republic reported the maximum per population incidence.

The World Health Organization said that France marked as 3rd highest number of Coronavirus infections globally, with more than 275,000 cases reported in the previous week; that’s a twenty-seven percent increase from the last week.