Around five more staffers to Mike Pence contracted with COVID-19

Around five more members to Mike Pence tested positive for COVID-19
Vice President Mike Pence, Source: Web

At least five aides to Vice President Mike Pence’s circle have confirmed Coronavirus in the previous few days, including Marty Obst (outside advisor), Marc Short (chief of Staff), and close aide Zach Bauer, multiple sources confirmed to CNN.

 More people from the inner orbit of Mike Pence are concerned that they would be tested positive in the upcoming days, a source described. The source said, about the other aides of the vice president’s office, that they are scared.

Pence refused to isolate

On Sunday, both Mike Pence (vice president) and Karen Pence (second lady) tested negative for COVID-19, a White House official told CNN. Moreover, Pence had made contact with several people who confirmed Coronavirus, but he refused to isolate himself in disobedience of the United States CDC measures.

 On Saturday evening, the vice president’s office declared that Marc Short had been confirmed Coronavirus. Multiple sources described to a media firm, CNN, that Marty Obst (Pence’s senior political adviser but he isn’t a government employee) and minimum 3 staff members in Mike Pence’s office have also confirmed COVID-19.

Around five more staffers to Mike Pence contracted with COVID-19
Mike Pence’s staff members tested positive for COVID-19,
Source: Web

Zach Bauer, a staff member who contracted the virus, two sources close to the matter said, is a body man of Pence, which means that his work is to be with Pence throughout the day and night and support him to perform a diverse range of duties.  Furthermore, a person close with the matter said to CNN that Zach Bauer has not been in Pence’s office since Tuesday, as he returned home when he came into contact with Marty Obst, and on Saturday, Bauer’s coronavirus test turned to positive.

Pence’s office didn’t reveal staffers COVID-19 contraction

Except for Short’s positive test, the office of Mike Pence had not revealed the other aides’ positive tests in recent days. First of all, the New York Times reported Pence’s staff member’s positive tests.

On CNN’s States of the Union, during an interview, Mark Meadows (White House Chief of Staff) refused to reveal the number of aides who have been contracted COVID-19 in the Pence’s circle. He added that Mike Pence is going to wear a face mask and social distancing as he rejoins the campaign travel on Sunday.

Mark Meadows described to CNN’s Jake Tapper, that sharing personal matters is not something they should do. Mark continued that anytime there is somebody in harm’s way, they have an obligation to let people know for contract-tracing.