Pfizer is on the way to do trials on children for COVID-19 vaccine

Pfizer is going to do trials on children for COVID-19 vaccine
Pfizer, a drug maker, Source: Web

On Tuesday, a researcher leading the trial said to CNN that Pfizer, a drug maker, decides to initiate testing its COVID-19 vaccine in kids as young as twelve years, and most of the parents have already shown their interest in registering their children.

It is going to be the very first COVID-19 vaccine testing to add kids in the U.S. The director of the Vaccine Research Center at the medical center, Dr. Robert Frenck, said that a group at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital would start vaccinating young teenagers with 16 and 17 years old this week, and even the team will register 12 to 15 years old children.

 On its official website, the firm confirmed that it has approval from the United States Food & Drug Administration to register kids as young as twelve years old in the trial.

In a telephone interview, Dr. Robert Frenck told a media company, CNN, that they really think a vaccine for teenagers and children is going to be critical for getting COVID-19 under control.

He said that he thinks one of the things which is crucial to remember is that although the death rate for kids with COVID-19 is less than in older people, but it is not zero. More than half a million kids have been exposed to COVID-19 in the United States. He added that it’s not a nonexistent disease in kids.

Pfizer is on the way to do trials on children for COVID-19 vaccine
COVID-19 vaccine trials on children,
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Children can develop severe conditions

He said that kids could create severe infection and even die from the Coronavirus, and there is no path to predict which ones will. Moreover, they can even blowout the virus to other, more susceptible persons, including grandparents, parents, and healthcare employees. The important thing to know that kids can make a rare but severe side effect from COVID-19 infection known as a multisystem inflammatory syndrome or MIS-C.

Dr. Frenck thinks more kids have been contracted more Coronavirus than the official data describe. He continued that he thinks they are likely under detecting the number of children that are infected because they are not getting sick enough to where children’s parent says they should go to a doctor. Furthermore, he said that most of the time in children, you have a young child at home and they have a runny nose, they have a cough, but you are not going to take them to the medical specialist.