The President-elect puts pressure on U.K.’s Prime Minister at Brexit crunch time 

The President-elect puts pressure on U.K.'s Prime Minister at Brexit crunch time 
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Joe Biden (the President-elect) has put the pressure on the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, to hit a post-Brexit trade agreement with the E.U. (European Union), when conversations between Brussels and the United Kingdom enter what can be their last few days.

 In Delaware, while talking with news reporters, the President-elect described that he had negotiated with the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, the government of France and the Irish Taoiseach among others and understood his opposition to a secured border between the Republican of Ireland (an E.U. member state) and Northern Ireland (which as a part of the United Kingdom) has left the European Union.

Joe Biden described that the idea of having the border south and north once again being locked and it is just not right. Moreover, the President-elect added that it is mandatory to each stakeholder to keep the border open.

On 31st January, the United Kingdom left the European Union and is now in a transition phase which lasts till 31st December, in the presence or absence of official trade agreement in place.

Biden puts pressure on Prime Minister Boris Johnson at Brexit crunch time 
Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom,
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Boris Johnson made it worse

The government of Boris Johnson made worse these problems over the summer, as it announced domestic legislation that would break the agreement that Boris Johnson had signed with the European Union that violating the international law in a very special and limited way.

The Internal Market Bill would permit the government of the United Kingdom to efficiently overlook parts of the Northern Ireland Protocol in to continue trading contacts among the four U.K.’s nations as united as possible. But some of the critics think that in that occurrence of a no-contract Brexit, it could make for customs checks between the Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

The politicians of the United States on both sides, most importantly ex-President, Democratic Bill Clinton, played a significant role in conversations in 1998 Good Friday Agreement.

The President-elect had raised voice publicly on that matter before and took to Twitter in September, said that they can’t permit the Good Friday Agreement that carried peace to Northern Ireland to achieve the casualty of Brexit. Furthermore, he added that any trade agreement between the United Kingdom and the United States must be dependent upon respect for the deal and averting the return of the hard border.