Joe Biden to acquire the President’s Daily Brief directed by the White House

Joe Biden to acquire the President's Daily Brief directed by the White House
Biden to receive formal transition, Source: Web

On Tuesday, one of the White House officials said to CNN that three weeks after the presidential election, the White House had offered official approval for Joe Biden (the President-elect) to attain the Daily Brief of President.

Setting up on when Joe Biden will acquire his 1st briefing is now proceeding, but the action is another step on the transition power that President Trump held up for a phase after he got clear that he had lost 2020 presidential race.

It arrives after when an official notice by GSA (General Services Administration) on Monday night that the official transition of incoming administration can continue.

Acquiring a confidential intelligence briefing is usually one of the initial rights of a presidential contender after getting the victory in the presidential race. Moreover, it holds information related to pressing national security matters that upcoming President will face soon. But this time, Joe Biden hasn’t yet received an intelligence briefing due to President Trump’s struggle to invert the election results, which created confusion in the federal government to start the formal transition.

The PDB is prepared for President

However, the PDB is ready by the office of DNI (Director of National Intelligence) for senior advisers, vice president and President.

Biden to receive the President's Daily Brief directed by the White House
Joe Biden to get official transition directed by the White House,
Source: Web

An official from the Office of Director of National Intelligence attributed the change directly to the action of the White House to officially approve Joe Biden access to the PDB. Moreover, a media agency, CNN, already reported the decision was President Trump’s and PDB’s access could have been approved before the General Services Administration administrator formed the transition formally on Monday.

On Tuesday, a spokesman of ODNI described to CNN that after the legal direction of the Presidential Transition Act, the Office of DNI will give requested support to the transition team. He continued that this afternoon the White House passed ODNI to go forward with providing the PDB as a part of the support to the presidential transition.

An official from Joe Biden transition said to a media outlet, CNN, that they had no comment on this decision to offer Joe Biden (the President-elect) a classified briefing. Besides this, Joe Biden refused to response the question on the status of the briefings when he came up with his top national security choices on Tuesday.

One of the officials of the ODNI described that this transition phase could insert providing a summary of the agency and linked operations in addition to helping the delivery of intelligence briefings.