Biden blames on President Trump for contracting COVID-19

Biden blames on President Trump for contracting COVID-19
Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, Source: Web

On Monday night, Joe Biden, presumptive Democratic presidential contender, said that Donald Trump is responsible for getting COVID-19, blaming President Trump for not following social distancing measures and wearing masks.

 In Miami, in an NBC town hall, Joe Biden said about President Trump that anyone who contracts the coronavirus by importantly saying, ‘mask doesn’t matter and also social distancing doesn’t matter and he thinks President Trump is responsible for what occurs to them.

This comment has appeared as Joe Biden’s most direct condemnation of President Trump since Trump showed that he and Melania Trump had tested positive for the Coronavirus on early Friday.

Grasping face mask in hand, he described that he views wearing this face mask, not so much defending him but as a patriotic responsibility.

Joe Biden blames on President Trump for contracting Coroanvirus
Trump is responsible for getting the virus,
Source: Web

Joe Biden said that he expected that the message American people will take from President Trump’s illness is that face masks and social distancing are crucial and can protect lives. Furthermore, he said that he was concerned by the twitter post of President Trump that Joe Biden characterized as telling American people that don’t be much concerned about this, essentially.

Don’t be afraid of coronavirus – President Trump

President Trump had taken to Twitter hours before he moved from the Walter Reed health center, in which he said that don’t be much afraid of Coronavirus, and don’t let it dominate your life.

Joe Biden described that you have around 1,000 people a day who are getting COVID-19, and it’s an important concern. He continued that he hopes no one walks away with the message hoping it is not a big problem. Moreover, he added that it’s a serious pandemic and problem, and it is an international pandemic.

He also described that he was shocked when President Trump tested positive for the Coronavirus. Joe Biden further explained that in the previous 3 months, 3 times in a week, he is on the phone and on the Zoom app with some of the important immunologists in the country, and they pass through everything that is going on.