Trump slammed by Pence’s former lead COVID-19 task-force member

Trump slammed by Pence's former lead COVID-19 task-force member
Mike Pence attacked President Trump, Source: Web

An ex-dominant aide to Mike Pence attacked the answer of President Trump to the pandemic in a new clip on Thursday, including to the mounting list of former President Trump’s administration officials who have assailed Donald Trump and, in many cases, endorsed Joe Biden, former vice president and Democratic opponent of Trump.

Olivia Troye was a homeland security advisor to Mike Pence and one of his dominant staffers in the Coronavirus task force of White House, said in a 2-minute video clip that President Trump remained unsuccessful to guard the American people because President just cared about himself and going to be reelected. Criticism of Olivia Troye is specifically hitting because of her role operating on the COVID-19 task force, led by Mike Pence.

Troye (who left the White House at the end of July) said that towards the mid of February, they knew it was not a matter of if Coronavirus would become a giant pandemic here, it was the matter of when. She continued that, but Mr. President did not want to hear about it because his main concern was that they were in an election year; how this pandemic will affect what he supposed to his record of success?

President Trump attacked by Pence's former COVID-19 taskforce member
President Donald Trump, Source: Web

President Trump – Maybe COVID-19 thing is a good thing

Troye, at one COVID-19 task force gathering, said that President Trump described that maybe this Coronavirus is a good thing. Moreover, she claimed that President Trump said he doesn’t like shaking hands with these people, and he doesn’t have to shake his hands with these disgusting people.

 The White House reacted quickly to Olivia Troye’s accusations by alleging her of being a disgruntled worker who did not show any objections while she was a staff.

On Thursday evening, President Trump told news reporters that he didn’t know Olivia Troye, but he said that she had proved goaded into providing her statement. President Trump added that people get a hold of Olivia Troye and describe, let’s say something bad about President Trump.

President Trump continued that every time someone leaves govt. around 99 percent; I am not going to know these people. He said that they leave based on nearly like it is a personal matter with me.

To answer a question by a news reporter, Mike Pence said about Olivia Troye that he hasn’t read her comments briefly, but it looks like to me one more disgruntled worker who has left the White House and now to start politics during an election year. He continued that he thinks his staff has described that she made no comments at the time when she was working on with our team here at the White House Covid-19 task force.