Wuhan to examine all citizens for COVID-19 in 10 days

Wuhan to examine all citizens for COVID-19 in ten days after new cases

In the upcoming days, in Wuhan, China, thousands of people are going to be tested for the novel virus because there are a bunch of infected people again rose after passing through the lockdown of 76 days with the vision to eradicate the Coronavirus from the Chinese central city.

After the weekend, 6 new COVID-19 cases were confirmed in  Wuhan city that is the first in thirty-five consecutive days. There were no new cases were taken from outside the country, and that concern showed that the virus infection is still spreading in Wuhan that is considered as the origin of the Coronavirus.

Major authorities to hold nucleic testing

To stop the coronavirus outbreak, Wuhan city’s main authorities are going to hold citywide nucleic testing for the period of ten days, an emergency paper issued by the local administration, and a media company “The Paper” circulated the notice.

Nucleic acid tests are operating by checking the genetic code of the virus and even more efficient while detecting the virus infection, especially in the beginning stages.

The determined testing drive explained in a report that it’s a 10-day war in which they are going to detect around eleven million people that we can assume as the whole popular of Greece.

Chines central city Wuhan was the first city of the whole world that has entered a lockdown, and admirable efforts were made to eradicate the Coronavirus from the city.

Wuhan city has been slowly coming back to the regular routine after facing a lockdown of 76 days on April 8, and after this, the natives are allowed to go outside, although various businesses keep halted.

Wuhan to examine all citizens for COVID-19 in 10 days

However, the continuing trauma and economic destruction, Wuhan city had been placed a poster admirable response of the child of China to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Zhang Yuxin, the chief official of Changqing, fired from his job

Coronavirus outbreak again on its way and developed emergency for the city. On Monday, state media said that the chief official of Changqing, Zhang Yuxin, the region where new COVID-19 cases raised, was eradicated from his job due to his failure to prevent and control work about the pandemic.

Somewhere else, in Asia, South Korea is considered as largely hit by the pandemic and is on the top of the Coronavirus, and this week, it had also faced a setback and bunch of new COVID-19 cases have been reported in Seoul. Furthermore, Moon Jae-in, the president of the country, said on Sunday that the battle against pandemic has not ended until it is over.