Usain Bolt, Olympic star tested positive for the COVID-19

Usain Bolt, Olympic star tested positive for the COVID-19
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Usain Bolt, the well known Olympic player, got Coronavirus and Prime Minister of Jamaica describes that there will be no particular dealing for the treatment if someone has been identified to violate the rules and regulations from a gathering conducted for the 34th birthday of the former sprinter.

The agent of the Usain Bolt, Ricky Simms, declared that the Olympic great player tested positive for the COVID-19.

In a mail, he told a media company, CNN, that the Coronavirus test was positive, but Usain Bolt is not displaying any symptom for virus.

On Monday, in a virtual press meeting, the Jamaican Minister of Health & Wellness, Dr. Christopher Tufton, said that it’s now public knowledge that Usain Bolt has been confirmed Coronavirus.

He continued that Usain Bolt has been formally notified, I am told, by the official authorities and in keeping with ordinary protocols once there is a positive COVID-19 case, regardless of the individual, it points an approach to questioning, examination if you will, which will follow through with contact matching.

Olympic's great player, Usain, confirmed positive for the COVID-19
Usain Bolt founded positive for COVID-19,
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Besides this, two popular football players, Leverkusen’s Leon Bailey and Manchester City’s Raheem Sterling, supposedly appeared in Friday’s bash, reported by several media outlets in Jamaica.

The Jamaica Gleaner, Jamaican newspaper, cited Craig Butler, who it described was Bailey’s adopted father and manager, as saying how could Lean Bailey not join and support his friend?

Manchester City, popular football club, did not place any comment while in a phone call when it asked about the presence of Raheem sterling at that gathering, but Leverkusen described in an email that it wouldn’t comment until it got awareness and more details.

Sterling and Bailey’s management firm, Colossal Sports Management, didn’t react responded to an email looking for its comment.

Usain quarantined himself

Usain, an eight-time Olympic gold medalist and the holder of the world record in 100 and 200 meters race, had uploaded a footage on social media platform on the previous Monday before knowing the Coronavirus test results.

On Saturday, he gave the test, he described and decided to quarantine himself and even requested to isolate those people who were around him in recent days.

Usain Bolt also said that he did the COVID-19 test on Saturday because he has worked, and he is trying to be responsible, so he is going to stay in and stay inside for his friends.