U.S. administration establish full scale inspection of whether Coronavirus emerged from Wuhan lab

U.S. official inspecting whether Coronavirus emerged from Wuhan lab

The United States is going to set full-scale investigation, even Coronavirus epidemic, that spread all around the world and crushed the global economy down to its knee, escaped from Wuhan, China.

Intelligence teams told that to collect information about the lab and the initial breakout of the Coronavirus. Moreover, intelligence operatives and analysts are combing a timeline about what the government actually knew, and they are developing the perfect picture of what happened, different sources said.

Once the inspection is done, then anything that is expected to occur in the near term, the consequences of the reports will be forwarded to President Donald Trump’s administration. President Donald Trump and white house policymakers, at that point, will use these results to decide how to obtain the whole nation accountable for the epidemic.

On Wednesday, Fox News reported that the confidence is gradually increasing, which shows an epidemic was originated in the laboratory of Wuhan, not as a bioweapon but only to show that they have equal or greater efforts than the United States to identify and fight with viruses.

U.S. official inspecting whether Coronavirus emerged from Wuhan lab

United States administration and intelligence teams reported to Fox News that they are very close to know that virus was human-made inside China to use it as a bioweapon, and at this point, they ruled it out.

Sources suggest the inspection of classified data points and open source to work in the laboratory of Dr. Shi Zhengli, that was handling and operating on immunization and antivirals for Coronavirus, particularly for bats.

Sources said that American officials are utterly confident that China passes through great lengths to protect it at that time when the virus was out.

On Wednesday investigation, the U.S. president, Mr. Trump, hinted while having a conversation with John Roberts of Fox News that we are listening to more and more stories, and we are on the way to make a thorough investigation of that drastic condition.

On Friday, Mike Pompeo, Secretary of the state, said that the administration is highly observing the Wuhan Institute of Virology, and even suspects that Chinese administration to keep scientist away from finding what happened.

On Thursday, during the daily press briefing, foreign minister of China reacted on claims that there was suspicious thing taken in the Wuhan Lab and also said that there was no proof that the Coronavirus, that already infected above two million people all around the world, was developed here.