Two Ford plants suspended production as workers test positive for Coronavirus

Two Ford plants suspended production as workers test positive for Coronavirus

Ford is going to stop its production in two factories, just after when it opened its American assembly plants due to the detection of Coronavirus in its employees.

On Tuesday afternoon, there is one factory in Chicago that develops Ford Explorer, the Ford Interceptor police vehicle, and the Lincoln Aviator halted its working when it acknowledged two of its plant workers tested positive for the novel Coronavirus. Moreover, on Wednesday, another plant in Dearborn Michigan, which builds one of the best-selling F-150 pickups, halted production.

Reopening of plants

On Monday, both factories, including other plants of Ford across four Midwest states, resume their operation after stopping production for two months due to a novel pandemic and health crisis.

Ford’s stopped production was predicted to explain this week, but on Wednesday morning, the plant located at Chicago was going to perform its operations, and the plant in Dearborn is expected to restart working Wednesday night. Furthermore, these temporary stops in production are indicating a trouble for plants to operate normally.

Ford plants halted production as workers test positive for COVID-19

Temporarily halt production due to shortage of supply parts

On Wednesday afternoon, the assembly plant at Chicago temporarily stopped production second time due to a lack of parts from the dealer, reported by Ford. Besides this, the disturbance in supply occurred when Lear (the supplier) declared that one of its workers in the Hammond plant tested positive for Coronavirus.

The supplier, Lear, told in a statement that the facility of delivering products has temporarily halted due to disinfection and deep cleaning, and they have observed their plant group members, UAW partners, and their clients.

Although the partial-day blocking at irregular plants explanation how hard it would be for automakers plants to reopen their working while dealing with epidemic Coronavirus, said vice president of the plant named Kristin Dziczek. She added that the maximum of the auto factories that resumed their workings in Asia are enforced to shut down, for a short passage of time.

She continued that there are 3 things that must come together; you should develop a healthy workplace, healthy demand, and a healthy supply chain. Furthermore, she described that it is not just like a flipping sandwich, and everything is as it was. And that is very complicated.

Here is a positive point that Ford is on the way to perform temperature testing of all its workers when it resumed its factory, and even it would apply COVID-19 testing for those employees that show any symptoms. Two of the workers of the Chicago Plant got positive consequences for COVID-19 on Tuesday and caused the shutdown.