Texas Supreme Court prevents ballot through mail extension to those lacking protection to COVID-19

Texas Supreme Court prevents vote by mail due to lack of immunity

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court of Texas choked a move to enlarge vote-through-mail to sign in voters of the State due to the epidemic Coronavirus and said that a deficiency of immunity to the COVID-19 doesn’t mark as a disability through which a supporter can implement for a mail balloting.

Nathan Hecht, the Chief Justice, said that they agree with the State that deficiency of immunity of voter to Coronavirus, without more, is not considered as a disability, which is described by the Election Code. He continued that, but the State knows that election administration has no responsibility to any investigation or question a ballot application that is authentic on its face.

Texas Supreme Court halted registration for mail-in votes

Previously, Texas Supreme Court had stopped the allotting of mail-in votes with the help of using the disability election delivery in five counties of the State including El Paso, Dallas, Travis, Cameron, and Harris, after ken Paxton, Texas Republican Attorney General, submitted the petition for the court to step in.

Texas constitution needs that those with age below sixty-five give a reason, either they will not be in the country or confined or show a disability, while registering for a mail-in ballot. Furthermore, the election code of the State describes disability as an illness or physical situation that resists the voter to show at the polling sight on the day of the election without driving a voter to any health issue or without requiring personal assistance.

Texas Supreme Court prevents ballot through mail extension to those lacking protection to COVID-19

Ken Paxton welcomed that conclusion as he has iteratively argued that extended application of disability could result in voter scam.

On Wednesday night, in a statement, he said that election officials have a job to dismiss the mail-in votes applications from voters’ side that are not allowed to the ballot by mail. He added that in-person voting is the definite path to maintain the honesty of their election, avoid voter’s scam and ensure that each voter is who they would claim to be.

Gilberto Hinojosa, the Party Chairman, said that now until the federal court steps in, due to the Texas Republican Supreme Court, supporters will have to face either the risk standing in the line or they should risk the prosecution by signaling the Texas Republican Attorney General along with his juries to requesting a mail-in ballot.

At the same time, last week, the federal court ruled that voters of Texas scared of getting the COVID-19. Furthermore, the next election of the State is approaching very quickly.