South Korean school system shut down again after reopening

South Korean school system close again after reopening

On Friday, above five hundred schools shut down again after widely reopening its school system because South Korea is going to recover from COVID-19 in the capital city Seoul and covering its metropolitan region.

Theaters, art galleries, museums, and parks are operated by the govt. in the capital, Seoul metropolitan region that is home to around half the nation’s population of fifty-two million would be closed to the people for the upcoming two weeks.

Cancellation of all government conducted events

On Thursday, Park Neung-hoo, the Health Minister, said that the government conducted occasions in the metropolitan area canceled or delayed. Moreover, the main authorities have said that internet cafes and private academies will close too till the 14th of June.

He also asked native people of the Seoul metropolitan region to avoid conducting occasions or abstain from going outside for the next two weeks.

The pandemic Coronavirus includes a bunch in the logistics center in Bucheon, Gyeonggi province, South Korea.

On Friday, Kim Gang-lip, the Vice Health Minister, told in the briefing that around a hundred patients had been concerned with the logistics cluster. He added that, till now, 3,836 workers out of 4,351 people, including visitors and workers at the center, had been tested for COVID-19.

South Korean school system shut down again after reopening

The people who were operating at the logistics center cluster since 12th of May should be tested for COVID-19 and quarantine themselves, said by Korean Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and any teacher or student that has been living with the employee at the center should self-quarantine and don’t go outside.

South Korea emerged as a model to learn how to put limitations on the spread of the Coronavirus without imposing widespread lockdown, and special thanks to its hard testing, quarantine program, and contact tracing.

Students take their lunch to the tables that are adequately surrounded by plastic sheets to avoid a possible outbreak of the new wave of COVID-19 in the cafeteria of the school in Daejeon.

Education system turned to remote learning

On the other side, some of the schools have been through lockdown again that had only restarted a few days ago. Furthermore, Park Baeg-beom, the Vice Education Minister, said that the students will turn toward remote learning.

The education system in the Seoul metropolitan area, especially schools could acquire only two-third of the population of students at one time, said Park and elementary, middle, and kindergartens can have only one-third of their population at a time.

On Thursday, around 838 schools all around the country had canceled their reopening and kept their studies continue with online structure.

In South Korea, around 11,402 total patients of Coronavirus had emerged, and on the other side, above 269 deaths reported.