Queen Elizabeth gives first-ever Easter recording filled with hope

Queen Elizabeth delivers first-ever Easter recording filled with hope

On Saturday, Queen Elizabeth offered her Easter speech in a recording, and the whole message was filled with hope due to Coronavirus pandemic crisis.

One day after the holiday, the message was delivered on British royal family’s social media accounts, and Queen Elizabeth opposed the cancellation of Easter. Moreover, the monarch described that it’s a sign of faith as the world is facing a critical situation.

Elizabeth said in the recording that every religion has special events that remove darkness. Such festivals are usually accompanied by the lighting of candles. They seem to have in every culture, and it’s an appeal to all people from different faiths, and of none. Lit put on birthday cakes and even mark family anniversaries. Whenever people surround the source of light, it unites them.

The Queen continued that before Easter as darkness surrounded most of the Christians would usually light candles. In all churches, one light passed to another that spreading slowly, and quickly many other candles are lit.

Queen Elizabeth reminded people that this year would be different due to staying at home and social distancing all around the world due to Coronavirus epidemic.

Queen Elizabeth gives first-ever Easter recording filled with hope

Elizabeth didn’t show in the message, but her voice recording with a lighting candle is projected, and the camera mainly focuses on the candle.

Queen’s message is considered as the first-ever message in which she addresses the Easter holiday via the voice recording. Easter speech comes just after six-day when Queen addresses UK about COVID-19.


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Furthermore, Queen Elizabeth had offered a tribute to all those who are working in essential services, especially to those who serve in the National Health Service.

Queen and her husband, Prince Philip, left London and went to another home in Windsor.