Acquiring Apple’s iPhone 12 at the store won’t be same as before  

Getting Apple's iPhone 12 at the store won't be easy as before  
Customers have to face difficulties while acquiring iPhone 12, Source: Web

On Friday, the iPhone 12 is placed on shelves, and it normally means people lining up outside the stores all across the world. As we know, this pandemic Coronavirus has disturbed everything, so there is also a change of plans on the launching day of the new iPhone this year.

The company’s retail operations have been affected by the pandemic Coronavirus, and Apple describes around all of its stores across the world have resumed, gathering inside or outside of the store is still dangerous.

 This year, it becomes more challenging and complicated to get the latest Apple’s cell phones in person. Moreover, if you are desperate to acquire the latest 5G equipped Apple’s iPhone 12 as soon as possible, then you can follow the following given procedures.

Physical appearance at the store

At several Apple stores, there is still a possibility of lining up, but most of the stores are now restricted to walk-ins because of the COVID-19 guidelines.

American based people, who are fond of Apple, can check the status of their local stores. For those who want to come in and line up outside Apple’s store, the firm describes that it will develop a registration system that will inform their customers to appear at a specific time to get in.

As the company is getting a bunch of orders, that wait could be longer than expected. Furthermore, the company may assign you another time slot for the next day or any other day in case if there are many more customers in front of you.

Acquiring Apple's iPhone 12 at the store won't be same as before  
Book the iPhone 12 on Apple’s official website,
Source: Web

Make your appointment

Like other products of Apple, the iPhone 12 is also available to buy on the official website of Apple, and the firm is giving the option of purchasing the smartphone online and developing an appointment to acquire it in the store at a particular time.

Apple’s official website currently shows Apple Store pickup as inaccessible at many retail stores. Besides this, if you realize this for your local store, then you can simply wait to be shipped in a few weeks, or you can get to the store and avail your chances.

Want to get it delivered?

Yes, yes, you can get it without going to the stores. Since the 12th of October, online pre-registration for the order for the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 have been opened. Also, you will be able to place your pre-orders for the iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 12 Mini on the 6th of November.

Apple said that smartphones ordered online this week will be shipped at the start of November.