Pregnant Mother can tramsmit COVID-19 to child – Study

Pregnant Mother can tramsmit COVID-19 to child - Study

Initially, in the novel coronavirus, calculated data and reports suggested that infant children, from COVID-19 infected mothers, didn’t contain that virus before the birth. The phenomenon is known as Vertical Transmission. But later, the latest three reports submitted to AMA (American Medical Association) that oppose the early report.

The latest research has unveiled from the Children’s Hospital of Wuhan examined thirty-three newborns babies from mothers having coronavirus, which describes three out of 33 babies fell sick. Professional physicians were involved in deliveries noted that they follow a very strict process to control the infection.

Mother to baby transmission of COVID-19 cannot be ruled out, new study finds

Furthermore, they concluded that coronavirus doesn’t infect the babies after or during the delivery; instead, it came from the mother while having an infant in the womb.

All the three babies fortunately survived. Two infant babies got fever and pneumonia and born with the full term through C-section. Moreover, the third newborn baby needed more care, and the infant was premature that born 6 weeks early.

The third premature infant was found to be a blood infection due to bacteria. Also, more complexity goes with premature infants, and it is ambiguous that how severely coronavirus impact the health of infants. Luckily, antibiotics and respiratory support make much recovery and improvements.