Obama criticizes management on COVID-19 response

The Former President criticizes management on COVID-19 response

On Saturday, Barack Obama, the Former President of the United States, said to college graduates that the folks in charge don’t have any idea what they are performing in rare criticism of the administration of President Trump.

Former President Barack Obama criticized the management of the COVID-19 without citing President Trump by his name, only a week after, when privately evaluating the response of the administration to the novel Coronavirus epidemic.

During a virtual Commencement address, the 44th U.S President said that the Coronavirus epidemic has entirely and finally torn back the curtain on the plan that several of the folks in charge have an idea what they are doing. And many of them don’t have an idea and even pretending to be in charge. He continued that if the world is getting better, then it is going to be up to you.

Obama criticizes management on COVID-19 response

On Saturday, Kayleigh McEnany, press Secretary of the White House talked about President’s work, by saying in a statement to a media company that the unprecedented COVID-19 response of President Donald Trump has protected many lives.

During the ‘Graduate Together’ hosted by LeBron James, Barack Obama, on Saturday night, said that you know all those adults that you think were in charge, and they have acknowledged that what they are doing, which turns out they didn’t hold all the answers. Furthermore, he added that many of them are not even asking the related questions.

He was previously claimed by a media outlet that Barack Obama demonstrated criticism to President Trump privately because of the novel Coronavirus response to the current crisis, which is ‘an absolute disordered disaster’ while phone calls with former staffers and administration, earlier this month.

Barack Obama backing black communities

While addressing HBCU graduates, the former President also told of how the Coronavirus pandemic excessively impacted the black communities of the United States.

During the virtual commencement program known as ‘Show Me Your Walk,’ Obama said that the disease like this just highlights the underlying inequalities that black communities had historically faced in this country. Besides this, he added that you see it in the disproportionate effect of the Coronavirus on their communities.

Former President Barack Obama, who was initially a civil rights lawyer and also a community organizer before moving towards political box, also showcased a three-pieces of advice for those students who were graduating, developing a change for his country.

He said that no generation had been better placed to be warriors for justice and recreate the whole world.