The cast member of ‘Deadliest Catch,’ Nick McGlashan, died at 33

The cast member of 'Deadliest Catch,' Nick McGlashan, died at 33
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On Monday, the Davidson County Medical Examiner described to CNN that Nick McGlashan (who played a role on the popular reality series ‘Deadliest Catch’) has passed away in Nashville. No death cause was described, and his death is still under investigation.

Nick died at the age of 33. Discovery (the network home of his series) declared a statement. The statement read that their deepest sympathy goes out to Nick McGlashan’s loved ones during this tough time. The statement added that Nick McGlashan came from a long line of crabbers, and he was popular for his excellent depth of knowledge. Furthermore, Nick also had a sharp sense of humor even in tough situations and will be greatly missed by all those who knew him.

Nick started working on boat at 13

Nick McGlashan, at the age of 13, started working on the boat. His biography, on the Discovery Go website, says he was a seventh-generation fisherman who grew up not far from Dutch Harbor close to the Island of Akutan, Alaska.

The cast member of 'Deadliest Catch,' Nick McGlashan, died at 33
Nick McGlashan passed away at 33,
Source: Web

The biography added that he was named after his uncle Nick McGlashan, who operated on the first boat thought to be pioneered the United States crab industry, the F/V Deep Sea made in 1947. Besides this, there were also two of Nick McGlashan’s crabber aunts, and one of them was lost at sea when the boat sank in 1986.

He played as a deck boss on ‘Deadliest Catch’ and has looked on the series since 2013. Moreover, the cameras captured his effort and struggle with substance abuse, and he described it, in May, in a Chosen Magazine article that was titled ‘The Deadliest Disease.’

Nick McGlashan said that he had been abusing heroin, methamphetamine, alcohol, overdosing 3 times before his treatment gets started in September 2016, and turned out sober. He added that his life transformed from Bering Sea badass to completely blown junkie very quickly. Nick also wrote, “Hidden from him that passion he had for life. He said that taken from him was his ability to live, and he was at war with his addiction, and it was wining.

He was also cut off from the boat for a time during Season 13 to get rid of his addiction. Discovery Go’s biography says that he has had his ups and downs, Nick McGlashan has fight endlessly to stay sober and hold a new sober lifestyle, and now he is committed to his recovery that he inspires many others on their own.