Marge Simpson’s answers to Kamala Harris camparison

Marge Simpson's answers to Kamala Harris camparison
Kamala Harris and Marge Simpson comparison, Source: Web

The United States politics have turned to a serious point when a fictional animated but beloved character feels bounded to defend herself against the actual world slight.

Marge Simpson's responses to Kamala Harris camparison
Kamala Harris presumptive Democratic vice-presidential nominee, Source: Web

The lawyer and adviser of President Trump’s campaign, Jenna Ellis, recently criticized Kamala Harris (presumptive Democratic vice-presidential nominee), by saying that her voice resembled like the Marge Simpson (the animated character) in a long running series known as ‘The Simpsons.’

The show is confirmed on a Twitter account on Friday, in which they tweeted a video of Marge Simpson’s answer.

Marge Simpson, the beloved animated character, said that she normally doesn’t get into politics, but Jenna Ellis, the senior advisor of the President, said that Kamala Harris’ voice sounds like her. In which Marge was explaining that Lisa (children character in the series) told her. Moreover, Lisa described that she doesn’t take it as a compliment.

Although she continued that as an ordinary suburban housewife, she was starting to feel a little insulted. Furthermore, she recommended that she teach her children not to name call Jenna, and she was going to say, she is pissed off, but she is afraid that they had bleep it.

The Simpsons series also mocked several times President Donald Trump over the past years, and even the series got credited sometimes with predicting his presidency.

Julie Kavner, the actress who voices the character very sweetly and placed back Marge Simpson.