Joe Biden to join town hall conducted by CNN

Biden, presidential nominee, to join town hall conducted by CNN
Biden to join town hall, Source: Web

On Thursday, CNN declared that next week it is going to conduct a town hall with Joe Biden, Democratic presidential nominee for the 2020 election.

The town hall will probably be taking place on the 17th of September at 8 pm in Scranton city, Pennsylvania, and it will be hosted by Anderson Cooper of CNN. Moreover, it is going to be the first prime town hall of Joe Biden since he has been accepted the nomination.

The occasion, which is going to be featured as a socially distanced live audience, will obey all regulations and guidance of Pennsylvania because of the pandemic Coronavirus. Furthermore, the event will be aired on CNN, CNN International, CNN en Espanol, and CNN Airport Network and even could be streamed on, Roku, Samsung Smar TV, Amazon Fire, Android TV, CNN OTT apps for Apple TV, and CNN for Android and IOS, the Westwood One Radio Network and SiriusXM Channels of CNN.

The event will occur less than 7 weeks before of Election Day, and as Joe Biden and U.S. President Donald Trump enter the home stretch to the 3rd of November.

Joe Biden to join town hall conducted by CNN
Joe Biden, presumptive Democratic Nominee,
Source: Web

Biden getting lead in 2020 presidential election

Joe Biden is still holding the lead in the election race, and which is more than fifty-two percent to forty-two percent over President Trump among expected voters nationally, examined by the fresh CBS News\YouGov poll.

According to Harry Enten of CNN, the race has hardly budged even after the Democratic and Republican conventions, demonstrations and unrest over police brutality and systemic racism in various cities all across the country, and as the American navigates its response to the pandemic Coronavirus.

After 2 political resolutions in August, which forced online due to the COVID-19 outbreak, a previous CNN Poll organized by SSRS demonstrated Joe Biden maintained his benefit over President Donald Trump. Besides this, among listed voters, fifty-one percent backed Joe Biden, and forty-three percent backed President Trump.

On Labor Day, Joe Biden spent his time in Pennsylvania and came back to the campaign trail after the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown all in-person campaigning for a lengthy time period.