Jana Kramer justify her to travel during Coronavirus epidemic

Jana Kramer justify her to travel during Coronavirus epidemic

Jana Kramer, an American singer, and an actress, raising voice for herself.

Thirty-six years old singer announced on Instagram that she was moving to film movie and previously protect herself.

Kramer told on an Instagram post, for a month, Canada bound to film a movie. She also asked for what are the good deeds to have with kids in Quebec and Ottawa city??

Kramer continued that she is also aware of people that are speaking, stay inside and don’t leave, but she has to work and do her job.

The selfie was taken by Kramer, wearing a long orange sweater, a white turtleneck, and blue jeans, and she got a perfect look with brown colored simple boots.

To defend her choice for traveling, she shared many videos on her Instagram account.

She was facing much hate and anger on her Instagram post, when she posted about leaving. She continued that it’s not like she’s going on vacation. Moreover, Kramer described that she understands other production companies are halted, but where she’s going, no cases are there, everything is all right.

Jana Kramer defends her international travel during coronavirus outbreak

She assured all her well-wishers that film isn’t causing any risk on her and her family. Furthermore, she even said that she is taking the epidemic very seriously.

Kramer told that she and her family are perfectly healthy.

COVID-19 has severely affected the entertainment industry, production companies, and many other TV shows have been delayed.