Hollywood stars tributed Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg for his remarkable services

Hollywood stars tributed Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg for his remarkable services
Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, died, Source: Web

Hollywood celebrities and many other people are praising and paying tribute to the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

On Friday, the longtime Supreme Court Justice, at the age of 87, died from difficulties surrounding metastatic pancreas cancer. Hollywood stars immediately rushed social media platforms to honor Ruth Bader Ginsburg and to recall her legacy, following the death news.

Hollywood celebs praised Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Stars praised Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on social media,
Source: Web

Stars shared their feelings on social media platforms

Kristen Bell said that forget the bull in the China shop; there is a China doll in the bull pen, her favorite song from the 2018 documentary RBG women who have lived on the planet earth has been as dedicated to helping out other people as Queen Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and she is intensively sad by that loss.


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“Forget the bull in the China shop, there’s a china doll in the bull pen.”- my fav song from the 2018 documentary @rbgmovie Few women who’ve lived on planet earth have been as committed to helping others as Queen Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. I am deeply saddened by this loss, for everyone. Most of all, my little girls. Who know the story of Ruth’s tireless work ethic and commitment to the rights of both men and women, to nursing her husband through cancer while working AND getting her law degree, to raising 2 children, from numerous books weve read about her. Rest in Peace Queen, and thank you for everything you did for us on earth. You will always be a true north. Let’s all give a hearty Ugly Cry for this epic 👑 tonight.

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 Justin Theroux (cast in the film ‘On the Basis of Sex’) also took to Instagram and posted many pictures of him with Ginsburg and captioned those pictures in which he said that he was heartbroken and have no words for the hole that has just been blown through us. He continued that thank you for your service as Justice, and they will miss Ginsburg. He ended the post by saying, ‘I love you, Ruth.’

 On Twitter, Mandy Moore wrote, thank you, RBG, for dedicating your love, life, and legacy to the rule of law. She added that what a trailblazer in each way and what an endless loss in every way. We will respect you by voting to secure all that you stood for.

Mariah Carey even showed condolence for Ruth Bader Ginsburg and wrote that thank you for a lifetime of service and special thanks for changing history, and they will never let it be undone. RIP RBG.

 Brien Larson, Captain Marvel star, cited late Ruth Bader Ginsburg, writing that women belong in all locations where decisions have been made. Furthermore, she thanked RBG, saying that thank you, Ginsburg, and we will continue pushing our way into all the places we have yet to be invited.

Maria Shriver, on Twitter, said that the tragic news of RBG passing has left her in tears. She continued, what a hero Ginsburg was to me and million so others. Moreover, she added that Ruth was blessed to know her and her amazing husband, and as a lady, I am the beneficiary of Ruth’s work.