Ethan Hawke revealed the reason for not going to Los Angeles

Ethan Hawke revealed the reason for not traveling to Los Angeles
Ethan Hawke, an American actor, Source: Web

Ethan Hawke, an American actor and director, explains that the death of River Phoenix is one of the main reasons he never traveled to Los Angeles.

On Monday, in a published interview with the Guardian, Ethan Hawke told about his working experience with the late River Phoenix as both were child actors.

Both were appeared in Explorers (the kids’ movie) which bombed, but Ethan Hawke described that he has attained a valuable lesson from knowing River Phoenix, who popularly passed away at 23, due to overdose of the drug after striking outside of the West Hollywood nightclub.

Ethan Hawke described to the publication that he does not perform in easier films because his first screen partner overdosed on Sunset Boulevard.

Why didn’t Ethan Hawke move to Los Angeles?

Ethan Hawke said about River Phoenix that he was the brightest light and the industry chewed him up, and this was an important lesson for him. He continued that if he had to put a single reason on why he never traveled to Los Angeles, it would be, he thinks it is too dangerous for an actor like him to be in that kind of atmosphere.

Ethan Hawke showed the reason for not going to Los Angeles
Late River Phoenix, Source: Web

Now fifty years old and casting in ‘The Good Lord Bird’ near the popular abolitionist John Brown, Ethan Hawke can reflect on his previous career, which includes losing a part in the movie, ‘Stand By Me’ to River Phoenix.

Ethan remembered when the director of ‘Stand By Me,’ Rob Reiner told him at that time, that you are really good, but he just gave the role to another kid having a bird name.

Ethan Hawke showed his huge respect for River Phoenix, when he did for other TV actors, he has worked with who even passed away too soon, including Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Robin Williams.

 He also recalled those actors in his interview. He described that alcohol and drugs and depression are difficult opponents all around the world. He continued that people think getting what you want, will turn you happy, but a sense of purpose, self, and love don’t come from the outside.