‘Hawaii Five-O’ drama says ‘Aloha’ after ten seasons with its series finale

'Hawaii Five-O' says 'Aloha' after 10 seasons with its series finale 1

On April 3, after ten years and 240 episodes, “Hawaii Five-O” cleans ashore and at that time when running into series and predecessor isn’t feeling so welcome.

CBS drama’s producers haven’t much accurate about the drama that this drama brings to its end before the start of the film. On the other side, Peter M. Lenkov, the executive producer, said that from the last few years, they have thought that it would be their last season.

Lenkov said that the writers of the drama haven’t done with their work and not perform much, especially if they already know that the series is going to its end officially.

The long-lasting series appears expensive for producers, and Star Alex O’Loughlin, who was playing the act of Steve McGarrett, who was the leader of Five-O, seems to discuss departing many times.

'Hawaii Five-O' drama says 'Aloha' after ten seasons with its series finale

Moreover, rumors that the drama would be continued without him. Lenkov said to CNN that he was pretty much sure about him that it would be his final year. Many other components are also heading the decision to end the series.

Rating of the drama Hawaii Five-O has been ramped up from the last few weeks. Despite the fact that the season is reaching its end, but it might be possible that it isn’t the last time we see those characters.

Lenkov even oversees Magnum P.I. and two series produced in January at the time of the cross event. He said that he does believe two worlds coexist, and Five-O characters expected to appear in Magnum in the upcoming days.