FDA will review Pfizer’s EUA request on 10th of December

FDA will review Pfizer's Emergency Use Authorizaation request on 10 Dec
Pfizer's vaccine holds ninety-five percent efficacy, Source: Web

On Friday, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) declared that its team on Coronavirus vaccine will have the conference on 10th of December to review Pfizer’s review for emergency consumption of its vaccine.

 The move appears 2 days after the drug maker (Pfizer) along with their German partner BioNTech, out their promising last results that describe their COVID-19 vaccine is 95 percent efficient and cures those adults that are at high risk of dying. Moreover, the company submitted the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) request to FDA earlier Friday.

A spokesman for FDA described to a media agency, Fox News, that 3-week window is essential because this period will permit the FDA to completely examine the information and data submitted in the Emergency Use Authorization request before the conference, and to be ready for a strong public discussion with the members of the advisory committee.

On Friday, Stephen M. Hahn (FDA Commissioner) said that they couldn’t guess how long the Food and Drug Administration’s review will take, the FDA will review that request as early as possible, while still doing so in a complete and science-based way, so that FDA can help to get a vaccine that the Americans deserve ASAP.

FDA will review Pfizer's EUA request on 10th of December
Pfizer’s vaccine looking for FDA approval for emergency use, Source: Web

Pfizer looking for quick approval as cases increase rapidly

The drug maker even highlighted the need to rapidly attain regulatory approval as virus cases ascend all across the world.

On Wednesday, Pfizer CEO and Chairman, Dr Albert Bourla, said that they continue to go ahead at the speed of science to compile the entire collected data till now, and share with regulators across the world.

He continued that with hundreds of thousands of people across the world infected each day, they immediately need to attain a safe and efficient vaccine to the globe.

The company decides to manufacture fifty million vaccine doses in this year and around 1.3 million vaccines in the upcoming year.

If the Food and Drug Administration allows Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine for emergency use and it will be expected the vaccine firstly served to frontline medical employees and elderly adults, by the end of the year.

This week, Moderna even uncovered promising results that demonstrate its Coronavirus vaccine is ninety-five percent effective. Furthermore, the firm is likely to file its own EUA request to FDA very soon.

On Thursday, American confirmed 185,095 new cases and 2,015 deaths which raised the total number to above 11.5 million cases and 251,715 deaths.