Fantastic Four was a horrible experience for Kate Mara

Filming 'Fantastic Four' was a terrible experience for Kate Mara
Kate Mara, an American Actress, Source: Web

Kate Mara is seeing back to the days of filming of ‘Fantastic Four.’ The creation of the 2015 flick was whispered to be plagued by quarrels among film’s stars, producers and director Josh Trank. Moreover, in those highlights, Kate Mara was in the movie who played Sue Storm (a hero’s character with the quality of turning invisible).

Kate Mara’s experience on the set was not favorable because she described in the previous interview with the Television Academy. Mara said that she had a horrible experience in the film Fantastic Four. She continued that she has never shared that before and she married one of her co-stars, so she doesn’t regret doing the Fantastic Four movie at all. But she described that ‘does she wish; she had responded in a different way to certain things? Yes, definitely.’

Mara has the same experience in another film

She said that she had the same experience in another film, but didn’t give any extra details, but she added that there is one connection between these 2 filming experiences.

Kate Mara briefed that the fact of the matter is that her two awful experiences with male directors. She continued that ‘Have she not gotten along with a female director? Absolutely.’ Mara said that ‘Was it not the greatest experience of work? Sure.’ And there was never a time that she felt; this is happening because she is a woman.

Fantastic Four was a horrible experience for Kate Mara
Kate Mara had a horrible experience while filming Fantastic Four,
Source: Web

She added that both of her bad experiences, the films hold ninety-five percent male, and she was the only female in the movie.

Kate Mara’s husband (Jamie Bell) was also seemed in ‘Fantastic Four’, and there were also Miles Teller and Michael Jordan.

Mara admitted that she thinks that the thing that she always goes back to on that one is that she thinks she should have followed her instincts more. She added that like when her gut was telling her, ‘You likely should not let that slide, what that person said,’ or if you are feeling sure about what an energy is like and how that is impacting your performance.

Kate Mara tensed the significance of speaking out and described that while she does not regret working in the movie, she does regret, not having stood up for herself.

She said that she regrets that for sure because if her daughter ended up acting and was in a condition like that where she, herself, felt like she could not speak up, at the same time, she is a pretty hard person and she really does advocate for herself.