European countries are on the way to relax lockdown restrictions

European countries are on the way to flexible lockdown restrictions

From Monday, Spain and Italy are considered among those European territories that are going to set further flexibility in their COVID-19 lockdown limitations.

In Italy, there are maximum businesses that include hairdressers, and bars are going to reopen after facing nationwide lockdown with the duration of two months.

On the other side, Spain is going to fix its lockdown limitations outside of Barcelona and Madrid, and it also loosens the restriction for people to meet. Now a group of ten people can meet freely.

The estimates and calculations follow a constant fall in the number of regularly recorded deaths. Moreover, Italy noted the lowest daily deaths on Sunday, since the time when it imposed lockdown in March.

European countries are on the way to relax lockdown restrictions

Least recorded deaths Italy and Spain

It demonstrates that 145 COVID-19 infected people died from the last twenty-four hours, and this noted an important fall from its biggest daily death mark, that was above nine hundred people in a day on March 27.

Moving the other side, in Spain, the daily death figure cut down to 100 for the first phase when it implemented lockdown guidelines. Furthermore, officials have threatened that the complacency with the Coronavirus could head up again to the 2nd wave of that disease.

Bars, Cafes, Restaurants, shops, and hairdressers will be permitted to restart their businesses in Italy while they have to implement social distancing restrictions.

Catholic churches are fixing for the reopening of Mass meanwhile, worshipers must follow hard social distancing rules, and they even have to put masks on their faces. Besides this, health officials have threatened that the war isn’t over, and they tried to teach communities that large social gatherings could rise the danger again.

In Spain, by the end of the week, a large number of people emerged from the lockdown.

From Monday, outdoor seating and arrangements for bars and restaurants will be permitted, but friends meeting or family gathering, or any other kind of social gathering wouldn’t be allowed if they contain more than 10 persons.

While in Barcelona and Madrid, with some region of the North-West, the majority of lockdown restrictions would be in place, but some small shops are going to restart their business.

On Sunday, Fernando Simon, who is the head of the emergency healthcare, said that the nation is currently very near to halt the transmission of the Coronavirus.

But he also threatened about the danger of the second wave of the virus that may cause a large number of deaths.

On Monday, somewhere else in Europe, Belgium is going to restart the secondary and primary school system under very severe social distancing conditions.

Furthermore, Greece, Ireland, Portugal, and Denmark are among those countries that are also on the way to flexible lockdown conditions.