China passed loan to the Caribbean and Latin America to get Coronavirus vaccine

China passed loan to the Caribbean and Latin America to get Coronavirus vaccine
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On Wednesday, a statement released by the Foreign Affair Minister of Mexico says, Wang Yi, Chinese Foreign Minister, announced one billion dollars loan to the Caribbean and Latin America for Coronavirus vaccine during a virtual meeting with Latin American counterparts.

The statement said that the Foreign Ministry of China said that the Coronavirus vaccine created in his nation will be people’s benefit of universal access, and even this country will elect a loan of one billion dollars to backing access of the coronavirus vaccine for the nations of the region.

On Thursday, during a regular briefing, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, the Mexican President, thanked Beijing after the loan declaration.

Andres Manuel thanked the Chinese President for the support

He said that they are very thankful to China, with the government of China, the President. He continued that you remember he had a chance to talk to him on the phone, and they asked him for help with medical equipment, there have been several aid flights arriving from China.

He added that there has always been sufficient supply, drugs, and here comes that offer. On Wednesday, the virtual gathering was headed by Marcelo Ebrard, the Mexican Foreign Affairs Minister and Wang Yi. Moreover, their counterparts from Barbados, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Cuba, Costa Rica, Ecuador, the Dominican Republic, Peru, Panama, Tobago, Uruguay, and Trinidad also joined.

China passed loan to Latin America to access COVID-19 vaccine
China passed loan for Latin America and the Caribbean countries, Source: Web

Ahead of the gathering, Wang Wenbin, the spokesperson of China’s Foreign Ministry, said that in his daily explaining that during the epidemic, Latin America, Caribbean countries, and China have united against this common enemy and managed effective and practical cooperation to the advantage of all their people.

He also said that gathering will consolidate consensus between two sides together, tackling the pandemic, bond political common trust, support multilateralism, and make a community with the shared future for those regions.

Latin America acting as the epicenter of the epidemic

At the end of May, Latin America transformed into the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic. Last week, a CNN evaluation of JHU (John Hopkins University) data tracked that the Caribbean and Latin America had dealt with more COVID-19 deaths than Canada and the United States.

Brazil recorded as the 2nd highest number of COVID-19 cases all around the world, behind the United States, with above 2.2 million cases, reported by John Hopkins University’s figures.

Furthermore, Sinovac, a Chinese biotech firm, has started a Phase Three vaccine trial in the nation, along with another Phase 3 vaccine-trial conducted by AstraZeneca (a pharmaceutical firm) and Oxford University.