Bill Stepien swore to expose presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden

Bill Stepien swore to expose presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden
Bill Stepien, Trump's new campaign manager, Source: Web

On Thursday, at the campaign’s headquarters in Arlington, Virginia, the United States’ President’s reelection campaign manager and his successor joined staffers for the purpose of transferring power type of occasion.

A few hours after, Bill Stepien, Trump’s new campaign manager, said that the personality he was replaced with, Brad Parscale, will be deeply involved.

Stepien, in a message to President Trump’s aides, wrote that their goal is clear, to win each day they have left until the election day. Besides this, he also swore to expose Joe Biden, Democratic nominee, who he alleged was a hapless tool of the extreme left.

 Bill Stepien’s declaration and earlier all hands-on deck conference appeared after President Trump on Wednesday evening eradicate Brad Parscale as Trump’s campaign manager. Moreover, Parscale replaced with Stepien, who had previously worked as deputy campaign manager.

Two of the senior campaign officials told a media company, Fox News, that Brad Parscale was emotional but sincere in giving the campaign over to Bill Stepien. Furthermore, they continued that Bill Stepien energized and encouraged everybody not to take notice of the media-driven narrative that President Trump was facing down to Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic nominee.

Bill Stepien vows to expose presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden
Trump vs Biden,
Source: Web

Stepien encouraged the campaign through inspiring speech

Another official from the Trump’s campaign, who even asked for anonymity to talk more freely, said Bill Stepien provided an uplifting and very inspiring speech and making sure that the campaign should focus each minute on thinking about paths to encourage voters to the voting booth. That is the main focus.

The campaign’s official said that the conference offers them the direction that they need to get them through these past 109 days, until the presidential election of November.

Brad Parscale, who previously operated digital works for President’s 2016 presidential campaign and then elevated to President’s campaign manager for 2020 elections, is probable to push back to his past role. Besides this, two leading campaign officials told a media outlet, Fox News, that Brad Parscale would be appointed as a senior adviser who will thoroughly focus on the digital operations and data collection of the campaign.

On Thursday, Hogan Gidley, President’s national press-secretary, said that Brad Parscale will focus on one thing, and Bill Stepien will focus on another, but both are serving toward victory.