MasterChef star, Ben Watkins, died at the age of 14

MasterChef star, Ben Watkins, passed away at the age of 14
Ben Watkins, MasterChef star, is no more, Source: Web

Ben Watkins, MasterChef junior star, has passed away at the age of fourteen from a unique type of cancer, confirmed by his family.

On Monday, a little chef, who made his appearance on the United States version of the famous cooking show in 2018, is no more.

One of the judges of the show, TV chef Gordon Ramsay, described Watkins as an extremely talented home cook and also a stronger young boy.

Ben Watkins has been passing through very tough circumstances because he lost his parents in suicide-murder 3 years ago.

In a statement, Donna Edwards (Ben Watkins’ grandmother) and his uncle Anthony Edward said that through his page ‘GoFundMe,’ their Ben Watkins went home to be with his mother this afternoon after a year and a half long fight with cancer.

They added that Ben got more than his share in his fourteen years on Earth, but they take solace in that and finally his suffering is over and, in the end, he knew he was loved by so many.

MasterChef star, Ben Watkins, died at the age of 14
Ben Watkins died,
Source: Web

Where Ben Watkins came from?

He emerged from outside of Chicago and improved his young culinary skills by serving at Michael’s (his father) barbecue restaurant. Moreover, Ben operated on the cash register and collect orders, and even sold his own brownies, cinnamon rolls, homemade cookies, and banana bread.

Ben praised his excellent baking skills to his mother and commented that his mother taught him everything she knew, and he just adopts those skills by watching her.

In 2017, his father killed his mother (Leila Edwards) before killing himself. After this, his uncle and grandmother became his guardians. When he was eleven years old, he appeared on the Fox show MasterChef, where he emerged and caught by viewers’ eyes. He became the viewers’ favorite choice because of his tragic story.

At the age of thirteen, the MasterChef star was diagnosed with a rare kind of cancer. After this, he had been through chemotherapy treatment for tumors in his shoulder, spine, and lung.