Apple to face another controversy regarding App Store

Apple to face another controversy regarding WordPress in-app purchasing
Apple is in trouble, Source: Web

This week, Apple is making an apology after it got itself in another controversy due to its app store.

On Friday, Matt Mullenwag, the WordPress founder, tweeted that the WordPress application got locked out of the app store. Moreover, the bans Apple put on the firm prohibited WordPress from upgrading its IOS app.

 There is only a single method that WordPress can resolve the problem was to edit its app status to add in-app purchases. The modification Apple demanded, if applied, would cut around thirty percent of WordPress in-app sales.

But a free to use website maker, WordPress, has been promoting its premium web services in the app, although people could not really buy those services in the app. But Mat Mullenwag had previously eradicated the payment option since the time when Apple decided to ban WordPress’s IOS upgradations.

On Friday, on Twitter, after Mullenwag shared a news that Apple made an apology to WordPress and it will no longer ban updates or seeking the firm to alter its free app status to add app buying.

Apple to face another controversy regarding App Store
Apple apologizes WordPress,
Source: Web

Has WordPress performed anything illegal?

At the start, the free IOS app delivered by WordPress added payment strategies but not in-app buying. Furthermore, customers attracted to premium plans and several other offered services add-ons would only be purchased by taking a view of the official website of WordPress. That action was turned out to be a violation of Apple’s policy that imposed on each app developer on the app store.

On further evaluations, Apple decided the WordPress app obeys with Apple’s rules and regulations. Applications that provide a free standalone facilities like WordPress won’t be added in-app purchases.

In a statement, Apple described that they believe the problem with the WordPress app has been solved. Apple added that since the developer eradicated the display of their service payment methods the app, it is currently a free standalone application and doesn’t have to provide in-app buying. They have informed all developers and made an apology for any misunderstanding that they have caused.

Apple, one of the leading tech giants, is now involved in a clash with Epic Games developers over rules violations of in-app purchases, which caused Apple to eradicate Fortnite from its IOS App Store. And the developer of Fortnite is currently suing Apple, driving Apple’s app store supremacy and relationships with app developers further into question.