Andrew McCabe’s hearing delayed by Senate Judiciary Committee

Andrew McCabe's hearing delayed by Senate Judiciary Committee
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According to the spokesman for committee chairman Sen. Lindsey Graham, the Senate Judiciary Committee has delayed a planned hearing on Tuesday with Andrew McCabe, a former FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) Director, as Andrew McCabe showed concerns about COVID-19.

 The Deputy Director of FBI was directed to testify on Crossfire Hurricane, the investigation of FBI into President Trump’s potential campaign ties to Russia.

Andrew McCabe’s hearing postponement came after a letter from Michael Bromwich (the lawyer of Andrew McCabe) to Graham, which says that Andrew would not testify after the 2 persons from the panel GOP Sens. Thom Tillis of North Carolina and Mike Lee of Utah, confirmed positive for the epidemic Coronavirus.

Andrew McCabe's hearing postponed by Senate Judiciary Committee
Andrew McCabe, the Deputy Director of FBI
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McCabe is not willing to put his family’s health in any danger

The letter said that Mr. Andrew McCabe is willing, eager, and able to testify in person about Crossfire Hurricane at any moment in the future when it is secure and safe to do. Moreover, he said in the letter that he is not eager to put the health risk of his family to do so.

The letter continued that for these reasons, they are unwilling to come in person for the hearing of the 6th of October, and for the reasons of justice, they are unwilling to testify remotely. An adequate and fair hearing of this type, which is contentious and complex, simply can’t be organized other than in person.

Andrew McCabe, who is currently a contributor at CNN, was fired from his job in March 2018 following constant taunts from President Trump and allegations that he had misguided internal investigations at the Justice Department.

At that time, in a blistering statement, he called his removal from the job as part of that Administration’s ongoing battle on the FBI.

Graham’s jury is one of two GOP organized Senate committees investigating FBI’s Russia probe. Ron Johnson, Governmental Affairs Chairman, and Senate Homeland Security, is handling his own investigation. Furthermore, last week, the Wisconsin Republican even declared that he had tested positive for COVID-19.