As a result of second wave of COVID-19, above 100 million Chinese face new lockdown

As a result of second wave of COVID-19, above 100 million Chinese face new lockdown

In the Jilin province of China, around 108 million are going back to face lockdown again after an emerging group of new Coronavirus cases, which developed again a drastic situation for people as well as the government.

The sudden comeback in the Northeast area of China has again halted transportation of the public, and the second round of the lockdown has again shut down the school system of the nation.

An employee, Fan Pai, at a trading firm near the province of Liaoning, said Bloomberg News that people of China are becoming more cautious once again.

She added that now kids playing outside are again wearing masks, and it’s annoying because no one has any idea when it is going to end.

Above hundred million people in China face new lockdown

The novel bunches of COVID-19 infections also have risen people’s extreme fear that the second wave of that virus could break previous records.

Wuhan which is considered as the origin of the novel COVID-19m and that’s a place where the first Coronavirus patient was confirmed earlier year. Last week, new infections are rising, although neither the COVID-19 infections in Wuhan or Jilin have been as intense as the original pandemic.

Jilin province reported 120 new COVID-19 cases

Throughout the week, the Chinese city Jilin has confirmed 120 new infections of the new wave of the pandemic Coronavirus.

Initially, Chinese officials restrained the contagion’s entry on Russia, but on the other side, they admitted that local transmission also made.

Here is the question of how China will deal with its second wave of COVID-19, so other countries follow the same template as a precaution.

According to some people, the problem is that record of China of being fewer honest, which makes it impossible to believe with respect to its high toll and its quick response.

China is facing heavy controversy from every direction

China had to face and still facing controversy after being suspected of sitting on a prominent place, lifesaving info about the intensity of the pandemic Coronavirus.

After Taiwan, China even followed the way and trying to quiet its experts and doctors by replacing them from their seats at the World Health Assembly, the WHO’s (World Health Organization) yearly conference.

Moreover, doctors of Taiwan were the first who warmed the world about human to human communication.

Xi Jinping, the President of China, said that the world should be based on science and added that professionalism head by the World Health Organization and conducted in an objective and also in an impartial manner. Furthermore, he continued that we must maintain global governance in pubic health.