Working in the White House could be unsafe during COVID-19 Kevin Hassett says

Working in the White House could be unsafe during COVID-19 Kevin Hassett says

On Sunday, one of the senior officials from the administration of President Trump showed fear by saying that working at the White House could be dangerous for his health safety due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

While negotiating with Jake Tapper about COVID-19, an advisor to Trump, Kevin Hassett said told that he knew when he was moving back in that he would be getting risks that he would be secure at home in his house than going to the West Wing of the White House that even with the world’s testing and the excellent medial staff on the earth, and this is relatively a stuffed place.

These comments arrive after two White House workers, including one of the personal valets of President Trump, and another one is Katie Miller, who is the press secretary to Vice President Mike Pence, confirmed as coronavirus patients. While discussing with Tapper of CNN, Hassett told that he had been tested for Coronavirus regularly; the previous one took place on Saturday; thus far, his test reports are negative for COVID-19.Working in the White House could be unsafe, Kevin Hassett says

On Friday, one of the officials at White House said that virus tracing was made inside the White House after finding the positive test of Katie Miller and even test results for other people that were in contact with came back negative and even Stephen Miller how is her husband.

Temperature checks and testing at West Wing of the White House

There are various temperature checks and other testing methods boosted in the West Wind of the White House, and they are assuring the whole staff put masks in residence, said by one of the officials, and even the entire white House is going to be sanitized more securely.

On Saturday, The leading infectious disease expert of the nation and one of the key member of the COVID-19 task force of the White House, Dr. Anthony Fauci, said that he is going to start a modified quarantine after developing a less risk, contact with one of the White House staffer who got a positive result for the COVID-19.

Furthermore, the commissioner of Drug and Food Administration, Dr. Stephen Hahn will make a full quarantine of himself after acknowledging that the person who was in contact with him, tested positive for COVID-19. Besides this, the director of the Centers for Prevention and Disease Control, Dr. Robert Redfield will also quarantine himself for the upcoming two weeks, when he was acknowledged about a person of the White House who got a positive result for the novel Coronavirus.