Staffer to Mike Pence tests positive for COVID-19

Staffer to Mike Pence tests positive for COVID-19

On Friday, Kayleigh McEnany, the press secretary of White House, said that one of the members of the White House team, the staff member to Vice President Mike Pence, has confirmed COVID-19.

While briefing at the White House, McEnany said that there is a team member of the vice president who tested positive for Coronavirus.

On Friday, one of the senior officials of the administration describes that one of the staffers got a positive result for Coronavirus.

In recent days, this is going to be the 2nd team member of Mike Pence’s staff, who was tested positive for Coronavirus. Moreover, that news just arrives after one day when White House uncovered a person that was serving as a valet for Mike Pence, who confirmed positive for Coronavirus.

Staffer to Mike Pence tested positive for COVID-19, Kayleigh McEnany

The press secretary McEnany told that they have put in place the instructions that their experts have pushed forward to secure this building. She added that all the suggested instructions they have for businesses that held crucial workers that are now pushing in the White House, so the United States reopens securely, and the White House is going to work safely.

President Trump revealed the patient name

Although the White House didn’t mention the name of the COVID-19 infected person, but on Friday, Donald Trump mentions the name of the staffer. He revealed the name of the COVID-19 patient that is Katie, who was a press spokesperson.

President Trump added that wonderful young lady named Katie, who was tested positive for Coronavirus, but she didn’t come in touch with me. On Friday, during a roundtable, President Trump said of Miller that she is the press person, who tested positive out of the blue. He added that this is why coronavirus tests are necessary.

Furthermore, due to the arrival of this news, all the White House press members were provided with free Coronavirus tests as an instruction.

An official from the administration told that President Trump and Mike Pence and the persons who are in their circle, are regularly tested for Coronavirus.

Mike Pence tour to Iowa

On Friday, the vice president is going to attend the conference with faith scholars in Des Moines, Iowa, to debate on the reopening of worship houses. And after this, he will join food and agricultural leaders in the same state to describe plans to keep the food secure.

The senior official from the administration said, on Friday morning, the vice president’s flight was delayed almost an hour because of the COVID-19 positive report of his staffer. Moreover, the person who got Coronavirus, not going on any trip and not on the flight. On the other side, the people who were in contact with the person were instructed to go home and make their COVID-19 tests.