Dr. Robert Redfield, CDC Director, quarantine himself

Dr. Robert Redfield, CDC Director, quarantine himself

Head of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Dr. Robert Redfield is going to quarantine himself for 2 weeks, when he acknowledged about a person at the White House who was confirmed Coronavirus patient, said by CDC spokesperson.

On May 6, director CDC Doctor Robert Redfield had determined to get less risk exposure to a man at the White House who tested positive for COVID-19. Moreover, he is feeling good and revealed no sign of the Coronavirus. The spokesperson even told that he would be teleworking for the upcoming two weeks.

The CDC spokesperson determined that, on occasion, Dr. Robert Redfield have to move toward the White House to accomplish all responsibilities that are part of the Coronavirus Task Force at White House. Furthermore, he will follow the security and safety precautions standardized by the CDC for those persons who have been coming up with COVID-19.

CDC director self-quarantining after exposure to person at the White House who tested positive for Covid-19

Officials of the White House will not recognize the body which was tested positive against COVID-19 and exposed to Redfield.

On Friday, the press secretary to Vice President Mike Pence, named Katie Miller tested positive against COVID-19. Furthermore, Katie often joined the conferences with the task force at the White House.

Judd Deere declined the report of self quarantining of Dr. Robert Redfield

Judd Deere, deputy press secretary of the White House  denied accepting the report that Dr. Redfield will quarantine himself, but he told to the physician of President Trump and operation officials of the White House, ‘continue to operate closely to confirm each single precaution is taken to keep President Trump, the first family and the whole White House healthy and safe.

Deere told in a statement that while keeping in mind about social distancing, system histories and regular temperature checks, daily deep cleaning of work spaces, hand sanitizer, and each staff member will reduce proximity to the vice president and the president are daily testing for the Coronavirus and other guests too.

Coronavirus outbreak is one of the hot topics of today that almost surrounded the whole world and fetch the breath of more than lacs of lives in a few months. It is still moving head to toll the death rate of almost all the counties.

The commissioner of Drug and Food Administration, Dr. Stephen Hahn, started to quarantine himself on Friday after acknowledging about the person who exposed at the White House, who got positive results for COVID-19.