Warren suggests Biden-Harris administration to withdraw student loan debt

Warren urges Biden-Harris administration to cancel student loan debt
Elizabeth Warren, Senator of Massachusetts, Source: Web

Elizabeth Warren, Senator of Massachusetts, suggested Joe Biden, the President-elect, to bypass Congress and withdraw billions of dollars in student loan debt, saying that it could be a robust economic incentive tool for those families that are still reeling from the pandemic Coronavirus.

Elizabeth Warren, mentioning Kamala Harris (Vice President-elect) and incoming chief executive, tweeted that Biden-Harris can stop billions of dollars in student loan debt, offering tens of millions of American people an abrupt economic boost and support to close the racial wealth gap. Moreover, she continued that this is the single highly effective executive move available for a huge economic stimulus.

Warren suggests Biden to lower medicine prices

Calling off student loan debt is only one of the activities that Elizabeth Warren said Joe Biden and Kamala Harris should follow on Day One. Moreover, she added also urged Joe Biden administration to decrease the prices of medicines by producing key medications such as EpiPens and insulin at lower prices, and increase the minimum salary for federal contractors to fifteen dollars per hour.

Warren tweeted that Biden-Harris administration ran on the highly progressive economic and racial justice platform of any general election contender ever. She added that now isn’t the time to give the keys to corporate lobbyists.

Specialists have described that the ability of Joe Biden to follow through on his plan, which includes increasing of tax on rich American people, could be critically bounded if the GOP holds control of the Senate, a fight that pivots on 2 runoff races in Georgia.

Warren suggests Biden-Harris administration to withdraw student loan debt
Warren suggests Joe Biden to withdraw student loan debt,
Source: Web

Democrats essentially require to get victory both to secure a fifty-fifty tie, in that situation, Vice President-elect Kamala Harris could cast a tie-breaking ballot to accelerate the Democratic plan forward.

Elizabeth Warren and Chuck Schumer (Senate Minority Leader) highlighted a strategy in September under which the president would implement executive authority to abruptly call off up to fifty-thousand dollars of student debt per student.

Earlier this year, when Warren was running her own presidential campaign, Elizabeth Warren came up with a strategy to use executive authority to start canceling federal students loan debt on the day first in her office.

She argued under the Higher Education Act, the Education Department has the control to compromise, modify, waive or release student loans.

In a Medium post, Warren wrote that let’s be clear, and their government has cleared far bigger difficulties to meet the needs of large businesses as they came searching for tax giveaways, bailouts, and many other concessions.