Bernie Sanders would serve as a Labor Secretary if Biden asks

Bernie Sanders would serve as a Labor Secretary if Biden asks
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On Wednesday, Bernie Sanders (Senator of Vermont) said that he would take the Labor Secretary’s job in case if Joe Biden asked him to link to his Cabinet.

Bernie Sanders described to a media outlet, CNN, that if he had a portfolio that permitted him to stand up and fight for working families, would he do it? He nodded that yes, I would.

 Bernie Sanders, asked if it is true that eying the place of Labor Secretary, said that what is true is Sanders wants to do everything he can to protect the working families of this nation who are under tremendous pressure right now.

Bernie Sanders continued that whether that is in the Senate, whether that is in the Joe Biden’s team, who knows. Moreover, he said that well, let’s see how that reveals.

Sanders looking for top leaders’ support

On Tuesday, CNN reported that Bernie Sanders has begun to increase a campaign to become Joe Biden’s Cabinet’s Labor Secretary and is also looking for the support of top labor leaders. Furthermore, Bernie’s action revealed after intensified racing over the strong Cabinet position from inside the labor movement.

Bernie Sanders would serve as a Labor Secretary if Joe Biden asks
Sanders is interested in Labor Secretary Job,
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On Tuesday, a long-time official labor leader described to CNN that Bernie Sanders has personally named union chiefs asking for their support, but his proposal has faced a variety of reactions. The senior labor leader said that Richard Trumka (AFL-CIO President) favors Marty Walsh (Boston Mayor) for that job.

The senior labor leader continued that, at the same time, Andy Levin (Michigan Rep.), a Democrat who is a well-known progressive, has even made a base of backing among union leaderships, including American Communications Workers.

Bernie Sanders, in a statement and a public interview with a media outlet, CNN, before his election, spoke about his wish to lead support from inside the Senate to a determined suite of progressive legislation to Joe Biden’s Cabinet.

The President-elect’s Cabinet decisions originate when Donald Trump has yet to accept despite other networks and CNN expecting Joe Biden’s victory. Furthermore, the administration even has so far rejected to sign off on the key document required to officially start Joe Biden’s transition procedure, while Donald Trump continues to claim election scam illogically.