Volkswagen of United States changing its name to Voltswagen

Volkswagen of America made an April Fool stunt

Volkswagen of United States changing its name to Voltswagen
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On Tuesday, Volkswagen of America, in action planned to reflect the company’s novel push into electric cars, said that the firm is updating its name to Voltswagen.

On the same day, Volkswagen revealed that the whole matter was just a joke that misleadingly became severely problematic.

Volkswagen did an April Fool stunt

In a note forwarded to CNN, the firm described that Volkswagen’s U.S. arm wouldn’t change its name to Voltswagen. The company said that the renaming was designed to be a statement in the spirit of April Fool’s Day, showing up the launch of the all-electric ID 4 SUV and indicating their commitment to delivering electric mobility to its customers. Moreover, the firm will offer additional updates on this matter very soon.

On Monday, the disaster started with what looked to be a stunning blunder when the company briefly published an unfinished release declaring a strategy to update its name to Voltswagen. Volt is referred to as electricity. It is because the firm is on the way to selling electric cars.

Is that an advertising trick?

The incoming Thursday will be April Fool Day, in the start it was ambiguous if this was a premature press release of a true plan or just an early press release of a moderately amusing joke. Forge news releases are the main of the informal holiday, and automobile firms usually play the game with news releases advertising their products such as Mini Yachtsman (a Mini Cooper by BMW), a 2012 gag in which the firm declared that it was manufacturing an amphibious car. Yes, it was a lie.

Volkswagen of United States changing its name to Voltswagen
Volkswagen of United States changing its name to Voltswagen,
Source: Web

Throughout Monday, several media companies started reporting, mentioning unnamed sources at Volkswagen said that the renaming idea was a real plan. All those reports said that the briefly published press release draft included an authentic plan.

After this, the company, on Tuesday morning, published complete and finished news. Volkswagen showed it as a simple and straight declaration, as it the gag were a real plan, even though it was not. Also, it was not the 1st of April yet.

The news release said that in the release it published Tuesday, the company said that, in the U.S. at least, it would be using the updated name Voltswagen in advertisement and even on chrome badges on the backside of its electric cars. Furthermore, the updated name wouldn’t be placed on the gasoline powered vehicles.