UAE to join the team of three countries who successfully landed on moon

UAE to join the team of three countries who successfully landed on moon
UAE designed lunar rover to land on the moon, Source: Web

The group of three countries (the United States, China and Russia) to effectively landed on the moon. This time, the United Arab Emirates is standing in the line and struggling to join the group of three, declaring an unmanned moon project scheduled for 2024.

 The United Arab Emirates is developed as a stepping stone towards the study of Mars planet, which the Gulf nation is pointing with Mars 2117 mission. In the start of this year, the mission took placed with the launch of a probe (known as Al Amal or Hope) due to access the orbit of the red planet in Feb 2021.

The novel moon project includes a little rover, to be made completely at MBRSC (Mohamed Bin Rashid Space Center) of Dubai. Moreover, started in 2006, the space center has previously designed and made Earth-orbit satellites in the surveillance of the all-Emirati group, but the journey is its highly ambitious technological undertaking to date.

1st mission to land on the celestial body

Adnan Al Rais, the person who headed the Mars 2117 mission at the MBRSC, said that they have experienced with orbiters, but this will be the 1st project in which they are landing on another celestial body.

UAE to join the group of three countries who successfully visited moon
UAE to send lunar rover,
Source: Web

He explained that they are working on the development of the technologies and science that allow people one day to send humans to Mars. Furthermore, in order to do that, they saw into the gaps that they currently have in their knowledge, robotic technologies and space robotics are among those gaps, which they are sorting out by designing a lunar rover.

The rover, known as Rashid in the integrity of the late Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum (ex-ruler of Dubai and parent of the current Sheikh), is now in the designing phase. Moreover, it would be completely designed in 2022 and experienced the after year, before the 2024 mission launch.

It acquires just 4 wheels and ten kilograms (twenty-two pounds) weighted, which is very smaller than the modern rover to successfully placed on the moon. Yutu-2 (China’s rover), which held 6 wheels and weighed 310 pounds (140 Kilograms). On the other side, it creates curiosity, NASA’s only active Mars rover, which significantly as bigger as SUV and 899 kilograms weighed.