Impeachment Trial: Trump’s statement “Fight Like Hell” is simply a political speech

Trump's statement
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The defense lawyers, while showing evidence in the United States Senate, described that former President Trump’s insurrection incitement charge as a monstrous lie.

Attorney Michael van der Veen mentioned that Trump’s impeachment proceedings are a politically motivated witch hunt created by the Democrats. President Donald Trump is alleged for creating the mob in the U.S. Capitol on January 6, which resulted in 5 deaths, but Mr. President declined the charge.

Most of the GOP members demonstrated that they wouldn’t vote to convict Donald Trump. The opponent side had taken around four of its sixteen hours, struggling to conclude Trump’s impeachment trial to an end. Later, senators were provided 4 hours to ask questions from both sides.

Trump didn’t even regret

Previously, senators sat together for two days observing audio and video footage, when Democratic lawyers presented that Trump didn’t make a single effort to avert the Capitol riot and didn’t even regret it.

Lawyer Michael van der Veen came up with his starting comment to respond to Democrats’ lawsuit that Donald Trump had encouraged his supporters during his speech on January 6 at the Capitol building to invert President Biden’s election victory.

Trump's statement "Fight Like Hell" is simply a political speech
Trump’s statement “Fight Like Hell” is simply a political speech,
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Trump had created election fraud claims and emphasized his followers to reach the U.S. Capitol shortly before the mob started destruction in the building. Michael van der Veen described that the fierceness had been already planned and the ludicrousness of the incitement claims against Trump. He continued that you cannot incite what was already decided.

The lawyer explained to claim that the president in any way desired, wished, or encouraged illicit or violent attitude is a preposterous and a monstrous lie. He further added that the first two messages Trump sent through Twitter once the incursion at the U.S. Capitol started were “No violence because we are the party of law and order,” and “Stay Peaceful.”

Michael said Trump’s words while telling his crowd to “fight like hell” was basically a political speech. Furthermore, he described to senators that this is an effort to censor, smear, and cancel not just Trump but the seventy-five million American people who voted for Donald Trump. Besides this, the lawyer even highlighted that Donald Trump has a legal right to evaluate the presidential election results.