Senators vote to make Trump impeachment constitutional

Senators vote to make Trump impeachment constitutional
Former President Donald Trump, Source: Web

On Tuesday, the Senate voted that former President Trump’s 2nd impeachment trial is constitutional the House of Representative’s impeachment managers came up with an emotionally persuasive case demonstrating how protestors aggressively attacked the United States Capitol. Rioters even attacked Capitol police officers in the previous month, called Donald Trump’s name while breaching the building to disturb the results of the presidential election.

The fifty-six to forty-four vote depicted why there is a narrow way for the House managers to get the two-thirds majority required for conviction, just 6 Republicans voted for the second time that the impeachment trial was unconstitutional because Donald Trump is no more president of the U.S. Moreover, Republican senators admired the presentation of the House managers and slammed the Trump-made presentation.

Last month, a Louisiana Republican, Senator Bill Cassidy was the only Republican to vote in a unique way than the procedural way on the constitutionality of the impeachment trial. On Tuesday, after the House managers’ presentation, Bill Cassidy described to CNN that it was a very good opening and they had given very solid points.

Senators vote to make Trump impeachment constitutional
Trump’s lawyer giving presentation from Trump team,
Source: Web

Trump’s team wasn’t focused – Cassidy

After the vote, Bill Cassidy said that anyone who listened to the arguments would find out that the House managers were determined, relieved upon, and trusted upon the suggestions and opinion of legal scholars. He added that anyone who listened to Trump’s legal team noted that they weren’t focused, they tried to avoid the issue and they argued about everything but the issue at hand. Furthermore, Tuesday’s vote was considered as an initial action of former President Donald Trump’s 2nd impeachment trial.

Jamie Raskin, Rep. of Maryland and the lead impeachment manager, started his presentation with a footage demonstrating disturbing video clip of how rioters attacked police officers and robbed the U.S. Capitol, compelling lawmakers in the Senate and House to run away from their chambers. Moreover, the footage was merged with Donald Trump’s speech that he made ahead of the mob on 6th January, demonstrating the riot’s reaction to Donald Trump as he encouraged them to move to the government building, the Capitol.

However, the footage was one of the strong early signs of how the impeachment managers focused to show the fierce incident and forcing that Trump is responsible for that event. The House managers even alleged Trump for pushing people’s lives in danger.

The video concluded with Trump’s deleted tweet

The thirteen minutes footage ended with a deleted tweet of Donald Trump on 6 January, saying that these are the points and events that occur when a scared landslide election-victory is so unceremoniously and viciously stripped away.

After this, senators from both sides turned away from the footage playing on monitors, and the riot’s yelling and shouting echoed the chamber. There was a silence in the chamber at the end of the video clip. Raskin broke the silence, saying that if that is not an impeachable offense, then there is no such thing.