TikTok banned in India as tensions ramping up with China

TikTok restricted in India as tensions esclating with China
China-India clashes Source: Web

India is on the way to ban the popular app, Tik Tok, and many other famous Chinese applications, saying that china threatened the integrity and sovereignty of India. The current move is the result of recent clashes between these two countries over a disputed border.

On Monday, in a statement, the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology of India said that it got several complaints about the transmission and misuse of people’s data with the help of some mobile applications to servers outside India.

While citing 59 mobile apps which add several top Chinese apps that will be focused to ban, the ministry said that the processing of these data, its profiling, and mining by elements aggressive to nation’s security and India’s defense, which ultimately interrupts the integrity and sovereignty of India, which is a matter of deep and abrupt concern which needs emergency measures.

TikTok restricted in India as tensions esclating with China
China-India clashes Source: Web

Indian boycotting Chinese tech services and goods

Although the statement of the Indian government has not clearly mention China, the restriction arrives as military pressures between both countries, and these tensions were continually escalating due to disputed border tragedies previously that caused twenty Indian soldiers to die. Furthermore, several Indians intended to boycott Chinese tech services and many other Chinese goods.

Other apps even included in the list

Indian govt. added that there has been a robust chorus in the public space to follow strict move against those apps that could harm the sovereignty of India as well as citizen’s privacy. Besides this, many other applications are included, such as CamScanner (photo app), Weibo (social network), WeChat (messaging app), and Clash of Kings (video game).

TikTok prohibited in India as tensions esclating with China
Indians protesting against TikTok app,
Source: Web

India is the biggest market for TikTok

Tik Tok, an immensely popular video platform owned by Bytedance (Chinese tech giant), attained an expected 120 million users just in India, which pushed India towards TikTok’s one of the biggest markets.

Besides this, in a statement, the spokesperson of TikTok said that developing local management groups in countries like India has been critical to their worldwide success. Moreover, the statement described that the ByteDance group of nearly two thousand workers in India is devoted to operating with the government to depict their dedication to user security and their commitment to the nation overall.

For TikTok, it’s not the first time when the app has driven into a difficulty with the government of India. Last year, the application was briefly banned in India as the court announced that it could drive children toward pornography, cyberbullying, and sexual predators. Though TikTok was resumed a week later after effectively appealing the decision of the court.