Four SpaceX-NASA astronauts reached ISS (International Space Station)

Four SpaceX-NASA astronauts reached ISS (International Space Station)
Aerial view of SpaceX, Source: Web

The Crew Dragon spacecraft of SpaceX that launched from Kennedy Space Center of Florida with 4 space travelers onboard on Sunday night safely docked with the ISS (International Space Station) around 11:00 pm ET on Monday.

 The Crew Dragon spacecraft slid toward the International Space Station, finishing the distance before latching onto a port on the International Space Station’s center module. The incident seemed to be a slow burn to those who were seeing livestream of NASA, but it is because the SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft and the International Space Station were moving at the same speed, above 17,000 miles/hour, the speed essential to keep objects circulating the Earth.

The astronauts (Victor Glover, Shannon Walker with NASA, Michael Hopkins and Japan’s space agency’s Soichi Noguchi) came out from the capsule while smiling around 2 hours later as a series of examinations were implemented on them to ensure that the spacecraft and the International Space Station had an airtight seal. Moreover, those astronauts have been on the capsule for around thirty hours.

Four SpaceX-NASA astronauts arrived at ISS
Four spacemen reached ISS,
Source: Web

Astronauts shared hugs and greeting pictures

The recently reached space travelers posted the pictures of greetings and hugs with Kate Rubins (NASA astronaut), Sergey Ryzhikov and Sergey Kud-Sverchkov of Russia, who are previously onboard the International Space Station. Furthermore, they came in the previous month on Soyuz spacecraft of Russia.

NASA says as many as thirteen astronauts were on board at a single time in 2009. But that number is strictly fixed because it has occasionally reduced to as low as 3, which leaves a smaller number of people to help run experiments and even help the station to be well maintained.

The event also marks the 1st entirely operational crewed mission for SpaceX, after having the mission in May that took Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley (NASA astronauts), both are test pilots to the ISS (International Space Station) for a long stay.

Presence of Victor Glover in this event, known as Crew 1, has its own historic importance. Although, above a dozen, black American people have moved to space since Guion Bluford became the 1st to do so in 1983, and Victor Glover will be the 1st to be the full time member of the crew on the International Space Station.