Boris Johnson shifted to ICU as after his condition worsened

Boris Johnson shifted to intensive care unit after his condition worsened

Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, now shifted to an intensive care unit (ICU) on Monday when his health condition worsened due to the novel coronavirus, according to his office. On Sunday evening, he admitted to St Thomas’ Hospital for further routine tests when he experienced pandemic symptoms severely.

However, his apparent negative change in his health shocked the Britain nation and politicians of his party as well as the opposition members also voicing their support for the ill leader. England is fighting with the COVID-19 outbreak, and they face over five thousand deaths due to the virus.

On Tuesday afternoon, the condition of Johnson, 55, worsen, and his medical team advised to move him to the intensive care unit of the hospital, a Downing Street spokesman said. According to the officials of Downing Street, the Prime Minister remains conscious, and the medical team moved him to the care unit as a precaution that he may need ventilation.

Boris Johnson shifted to ICU as after his condition worsened

The spokesman of Johnson earlier said on Monday that he spent a calmed night in hospital but denied to comment on reports that the leader takes oxygen from the oxygen cylinder. Furthermore, the officials are no longer telling his coronavirus symptoms as mild. Dominic Raab, the Foreign Secretary, the most senior minister of the cabinet, said that Johnson asked him to substitute for the leader where necessary.

Nick Clegg took the Charge of the Office

Raab headed the routine morning coronavirus briefing on Monday and gave a statement on television that the government of the U.K. will continue to receive the direction of Johnson in responding to the pandemic. The businesses of the government will continue, and the PM is in safe hands with brilliant minds at St Thomas’ hospital. Whereas the Britain Government will continue to ensure the direction of Johnson and make all the efforts to beat coronavirus.

Nick Clegg appointed as the current Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom on the advice of the Prime Minister. He took the responsibilities of the office and will see future matters of the Kingdom until Boris Johnson takes back the charge after complete recovery from the coronavirus pandemic.

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