Joe Biden’s new chief of staff admired NYC Mayor for conducting dinner to ignore Coronavirus risks

Biden's new chief of staff admired NYC Mayor for arranging dinner
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Joe Biden’s, the President-elect, choice of chief of staff, Ron Klain, earlier decried a fear pandemic at the start of Coronavirus outbreak and admired Bill de Blasio (New York Mayor) for participating in a big dinner in Queens.

On 13th of February, Ron Klain tweeted that they don’t have a COVID-19 epidemic in the United States, but they are starting to observe a fear epidemic. He continued that Kudos to NYCMayor and many others for standing against that.

 New York City’s Mayor had tweeted pictures of the gathering, and in one of the pictures, he is covered by around a dozen people at the table. Moreover, he said that their Chinatowns are open for trading, schedule some dinner plans, plan some shopping and stand with their neighbors.

Kalin criticized President Trump for not quick response to the virus

Ron Klain, who offered his services as Obama’s Ebola czar, has been much critical of Donald Trump’s reaction to COVID-19. Furthermore, above a month after that tweet, the Joe Biden’s team published footage of Ron Kalin slamming President Donald Trump for not quick response as other countries when the Coronavirus began spreading in the start of January.

Ron Klain continued that what did President Donald Trump do? He downplayed it. The video clip then demonstrated what seemed to be a 27th of February video of President Trump claiming that the Coronavirus would vanish.

Klian described (mentioning President Trump’s decision to scatter a National Security Council epidemic response team) that from the start, President Trump had a ‘Don’t tell, don’t test’ approach.’

Joe Biden's new chief of staff admired NYC Mayor for conducting dinner to ignore Coronavirus risks
Biden’s new chief of staff praised NYC Mayor for arranging dinner,
Source: Web

He and Nicole Lurie (a former official for Health and Human Services under former President Obama) wrote that the first victim of the spreading disease is usually rational decision-making, fear can blowout even quicker than the disease in the era where social media platforms can spread misinformation in a way not ironically known as ‘going viral.’

Joe Biden’s team has also slammed Donald Trump, mentioning his 3rd February interview with Bob Woodward (veteran journalist). President Trump described that he wanted to decrease the risk of the virus in order to stop panicking in Americans. At the same time, President Trump has shown Ron Klain’s own words to allege the Obama administration of mishandling its reaction to the swine flu.

Before the election, President Trump tweeted that Joe Biden was a pathetic amused stock all over Washington for the terrible way he managed the H1N1 Swine flu. Trump continued that even his own chief of staff described that he has no idea what he was doing.

Klain replied that he is that guy, and if Trump really cares about what he (Klain) thinks, here you go, no President has bungled anything, as horribly as President Trump has bungled Coronavirus.