Biden’s innovating plans regarding Coronavirus pandemic response

Biden's innovating plans regarding Coronavirus pandemic response
Joe Biden, United states president, Source: Web

Biden and Harris, elected President and Vice President of the United States respectively, said that they will move the United States Coronavirus epidemic response in a different way.

On Friday, Joe Biden said that the pandemic Coronavirus is getting significantly more worrying all across the United States, and he wants to know on day 1, they are going to put their plan to control Coronavirus into action.

 Last week, there was an intimidatingly high number of novel cases of COVID-19, and from the time Joe Biden takes office on 20th of January, the influential (institute University of Washington Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation) suggests that there is going to be more 372,000 Coronavirus deaths which are higher 135,00 than the current figure.

On Sunday, Brown University’s emergency physician, Dr. Megan Ranney, said on CNN that by the time when Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ administration comes into the administration, this pandemic is going to already widespread through the communities in America.

Biden's innovating strategies regarding COVID-19 pandemic response
Biden’s innovating strategies regarding COVID-19 pandemic response,
Source: Web

Biden’s COVID-19 task force leaders

Joe Biden is going to declare the names of the leaders on Monday, who will effectively work in the COVID-19 task force. On Saturday, a media outlet, CNN, reported that the task force would be led by Dr. Vivek Murthy (former Surgeon General), Dr. David Kessler (former U.S. Food & Drug Administration Commissioner), and Dr. Marcella Nunez Smith (Yale University’s doctor).

As Biden’s task force is starting to perform, it doesn’t mean Donald Trump’s White House COVID-19 task force will be out of the work.

On Sunday, Dean of the Brown University, Dr. Ashish Jha, described to a media firm, CNN, that it is critically crucial that Donald Trump and Joe Biden’s COVID-19 task force teams operate together. He continued that first and foremost, he thinks they should demand that there be collaboration.

It was Joe Biden’s promise to ramp up the process of testing and contact tracing. Moreover, testing has increased intensely since the initial days of the virus, but scientists and analysts described that the country requires tens of millions of tests in a single day to keep the nation open safely, and we passed through 10 months of this pandemic, but still, there is not sufficient testing implemented.

Without proper testing, scientists and analysts cannot acquire a clear situation of where Coronavirus is standing in the country.